Friday, January 30, 2009

Kissing A@!@# on the Arab Street

...and this is only ONE of the reasons I would have felt a little better with Hillary as the Commander in Chief. But alas, sexism bestowed Barak upon us (and no one will ever convince me otherwise)...

Who got 'the honor' of Obama's first sit down interview after being sworn in...something I am sure CNN, 60 minutes or The View would have killed for? Well, it was none of the was al-Arabiya. And stranger than granting an all Arabic channel the first coveted interview was the fact that it was the White House that "sent out feelers" to Dubai and not the other way around...

"...After [the interviewer] Melhem told the President that his wife and daughter were enthusiastic supporters of Obama's campaign, the President jotted nice notes to them on White House stationery. When Melhem mentioned that he shared Obama's love of Chicago's blues music, the President beamed with satisfaction while White House aides tapped their feet impatiently. "There we were, two blues fanatics, sitting there talking about Muddy Waters," Melhem says.

Whether it was because of the chemistry between the men or Obama's scripted intention, Melhem came away with an interview that amounted to an unprecedented reach-out to the Muslim world by a U.S. President. Unprompted, Obama spoke about his own Islamic connections, noting that some of his family members are Muslim and that he had lived in the largest Muslim country, Indonesia. "My job is to communicate the fact that the United States has a stake in the well-being of the Muslim world, that the language we use has to be a language of respect," Obama said..." (source)

Maybe it's just me, but I think the first interview should have reiterated our country's commitment to standing up against radical Islam and dispelling the myth that Obama is going to kneel before the Arab community in the hope of "curing America's image" at the cost of American lives...

Jimmy Carter's legacy should be one that is looked at closely by Obama right now. The Arab street didn't respect Carter's impotency when it came to dealing with Iran. They taunted and belittled him for his lack of leadership. (He might also want to read up on Neville Chamberlain while he's at it...)

And that being said makes the next article all the more troubling...

"...Officials of Barack Obama's administration have drafted a letter to Iran from the president aimed at unfreezing US-Iranian relations and opening the way for face-to-face talks, the Guardian has learned.

State department officials have composed at least three drafts of the letter, which gives assurances that Washington does not want to overthrow the Islamic regime, but merely seeks a change in its behaviour. The letter would be addressed to the Iranian people and sent directly to Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, or released as an open letter.

Although the tone is conciliatory, it also calls on Iran to end what the US calls state sponsorship of terrorism.

In an interview on Monday with the al-Arabiya television network, Obama hinted at a more friendly approach towards the Islamic Republic..." (source)

Teachers have always said that we study history so we don't repeat the same mistakes. Can anyone tell me an instance in history where placating a bully has worked? Even one time?

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Best of BS: What I Have Learned From the Left

Originally posted on July 30, 2004: I wrote this shortly after my admission to the blogosphere. These were the things that I noticed Lefty bloggers were touting as Patriotic...I wonder if they still feel the same. Unfortunately all comments were lost in the switch from Blogger comments to Haloscan back then...

1. The first rule is to question everything that the President does –even in a time or war. Distrust is our duty in a democracy and it is unpatriotic not to do so –especially in a time of war. If the ‘other side’ discourages our distrust we scream ‘foul’ and claim that they are infringing on our constitutional guarantee of dissent.

2. The second rule is ALWAYS distrust the motives of the President –it’s a personal check and balance that keeps us safer.

3. We must always criticize the economy –regardless of what the numbers show. It is unpatriotic to assume that ‘America can’t be better’. It would dishonor those killed on 9/11 not to expect more of our leaders.

4. We must always remember the economic horn of plenty that Clinton provided-don’t let anyone imply this was a tech bubble; and reject the idea of the Clinton/Gore recession in 2000-2001 because they can not be blamed that a tech bubble burst.

5. You can cover all political bases by voting for a war, but then criticizing it later. This is an important rule as you will always have two sides to stand on regardless of the crowd that you are addressing. The hawks will respect you for voting for it, and the doves will love you for protesting against it.

6. If your constituents are mad that you voted for the war just vote against the funding of the war. To avoid people saying that you are hurting the troops, claim that the bill was worded wrong and that you didn’t want to give the President a ‘blank check’. When all else fails continue to evoke the evils of the President.

7. Attempt to discredit everyone in the current Administration even if some were appointed by your political allies. When they are correct –take credit. If they mess up –cut them and run and blame the Administration for keeping him too long.

8. Use any minor infraction to discredit the opposition. Try not to belittle the soldiers, because the American people won’t like that but the Administration is fair game. If you discover people putting underwear on someone else’s head or treating a prisoner in any way less than would be expected at the Waldorf Astoria, report ‘wide-spread torture’ and keep using the word ‘atrocity’. While you are at it –bring impeachment charges against the President just in case he wins a second term-start proceeding immediately. Downplay any horror committed by the terrorists as retaliation for the war in general.

9. Do not let them use the deaths of innocent Americans as a diversion to any news here at home –dwelling on these deaths may remind the people what we are fighting for and there is a possibility they may rally behind the President.

10. Constantly remind your constituents of all the awful things that America has done –never let them de-humanize the enemy or label them as ‘terrorists’ because they will relate it to 9/11 and may rally behind this corrupt administration. Remind them that we have done terrible things to African Americans and the Japanese and that we are not superior to anyone-reiterate cultural tolerance (Maybe even quote one of the 'nice' verses from the Qu'ran).

11. Don’t let America forget that we too have bombed things and killed innocent civilians and that the opposition in the Middle East are just young freedom fighters who strongly believe in what they are fighting for …didn’t we kill the British when we felt that they were invading our land?

There could probably be many more "lessons" added here. These are the considerations they were giving President Bush back in his first term, so I thought it appropriate that we remember so we can extend the same niceties...

"No He Can't" by Anne Wortham

I know this is quickly making the rounds in the blogosphere, but in case you haven't had the chance to read it yet:

"...So you have made history, Americans. You and your children have elected a black man to the office of the president of the United States , the wounded giant of the world. The battle between John Wayne and Jane Fonda is over - and that Fonda won. Eugene McCarthy and George McGovern must be very happy men. Jimmie Carter, too. And the Kennedys have at last gotten their Kennedy look-a-like. The self-righteous welfare statists in the suburbs can feel warm moments of satisfaction for having elected a black person. So, toast yourselves: 60s countercultural radicals, 80s yuppies and 90s bourgeois bohemians. Toast yourselves, Black America. Shout your glee Harvard, Princeton , Yale, Duke, Stanford, and Berkeley. You have elected not an individual who is qualified to be president, but a black man who, like the pragmatist Franklin Roosevelt, promises to - Do Something! You now have someone who has picked up the baton of Lyndon Johnson's Great Society. But you have also foolishly traded your freedom and mine - what little there is left - for the chance to feel good. There is nothing in me that can share your happy obliviousness."

That was just the last paragraph, Read the entire piece.

(H/T: ~Jen~)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Catty...or True?

In the latest People Magazine it says something like (and I'm paraphrasing here) "Though purple is not typically seen as a very patriotic color, Michelle Obama intends to be a different kind of First Lady."

Wow. I bet when they typed that line and when an editor approved it, they had no idea how telling it was.

Colors aside though...can someone out there in media world FINALLY be honest and say how BAD this woman dresses?! The press had no trouble dishing over Sarah Palin's wardrobe (and I'm sure even her Alaskan thrift store finds were better than anything we've seen Michelle in!)

This woman has gone 45 years without someone telling her that a dress that looks good on a young, hot runway model...just might not look the same on her?!

...And yet the Telegraph is calling her "the first truly fashionable First Lady since Jackie Kennedy." Are they kidding --or is the love for O! so strong, they really believe it? Is Barack love like Jesus' blood that covers all the sins of those around him? Actually, that article from the UK contains three scary messages. The line I just mentioned, the fact that the article is saying that "Michelle Obama is the 'real power' behind the Presidency" and, last but hardly least, that they are dubbing this "Generation Obama."

...But It's Just a Tylenol!

My middle son, the Ninja, has come home a few times over the past few weeks with intense headaches. We've now put him on Zyrtec for environmental allergies.

But that's not the point of the story...just the catalyst. The point is that on more than one occasion I had to pack up a newborn in crappy weather and drive to the school to either give him a Tylenol or bring him home because they can't give him a Tylenol.

The school nurse (who is an RN with a BFA) CAN NOT administer a Tylenol.

As I was driving home one of these times, I was thinking...

In many states a child needs neither parental consent or parental notification to undergo an abortion...which is invasive surgery.

We are so concerned about...what? being sued that a school can't give something completely innocuous like acetaminophen?

So here's my question. Since we're so 'progressive', can the 13 year old that just got an abortion unbeknownst to her parents have an aspirin for the pain afterwards...or would she need a doctor's note for that?

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Direction the Country is Headed

I realized last night that it isn't the fact that I've been thrust headfirst back into newborn detail that has made it virtually impossible to maintain the blog the way I used to...

In order to post I have to read, and when I read I get depressed. Having the blog is seriously getting in the way of my desire to bury my head in the sand for the next four years and pretend that my country isn't being hijacked by Socialists with a rapidly moving agenda.

In one short week the “Mexico City Policy” has been rescinded (so your tax dollars can once again fund abortions overseas), the banks bailout could cost tax payers $3-$4 TRILLION dollars, privately owned auto makers are being told what they have to produce, and GITMO is closing (with no plan of action for the current "high value targets" housed there --let alone high value targets caught in the future).

O! may also sign the labor unions' baby "Card Check" (which Harry Reid says will be voted on this summer), overturn the ban on the barbaric practice of partial birth abortion and possibly sign the Freedom of Choice Act, and on top of citizens paying to bail out fellow citizens with welfare and businesses with the bailouts...we'll most likely be paying for shoddy health care as well...

Throw in the possibility of a few SCOTUS appointments and I'm TOTALLY depressed.

...Maybe I'll turn this into a Mommy Blog or a knitting site and boycott news altogether...

N.O.W., NARAL and Planned Parenthood's Reaction?!

I wish this was airing on national television...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I did better than I thought I would

Who Was President?

Score: 92% (12 out of 13)

Why I know these things about the new Prez?

You Got 9/10 Questions Right

You are a probably a news junkie, Obama fan, or both.

You know a lot about Barack Obama - including his politics, history, and family.

It's likely you're a very knowledgeable person and quite well read.

You can't stand ignorant people, no matter what their political persuasion is.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama and the Press

Yesterday as I was listening to Robert Gibbs (White House press secretary) feel his way through his first meeting with the White House press corps, I was thinking about Obama's campaign and how easy the press was on him.

The questions yesterday were tougher than any the new President had faced on the campaign trail...but he still wasn't facing them--Robert Gibbs was.

Then I was wondering if Obama even realized how easy the press (and all media outlets in general) had been on him. If he appreciated the fact that he floated through an entire presidential campaign with nary a tough question (aside from the O'Reilly interview). That's huge! But does HE realize that's huge?

The answer is no. I realized that this morning when I read this:

"...President Obama made a surprise visit to the White House press corps Thursday night, but got agitated when he was faced with a substantive question.

Asked how he could reconcile a strict ban on lobbyists in his administration with a Deputy Defense Secretary nominee who lobbied for Raytheon, Obama interrupted with a knowing smile on his face.

"Ahh, see," he said, "I came down here to visit. See this is what happens. I can't end up visiting with you guys and shaking hands if I'm going to get grilled every time I come down here."

Pressed further by the Politico reporter about his Pentagon nominee, William J. Lynn III, Obama turned more serious, putting his hand on the reporter's shoulder and staring him in the eye.

"Alright, come on" he said, with obvious irritation in his voice. "We will be having a press conference at which time you can feel free to [ask] questions. Right now, I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself to you guys - that's all I was trying to do."

The president was quickly saved by a cameraman in the room who called out: “I’d like to say it one more time: ‘Mr. President.’ ” (source)

That's still not a hard hitting question and he immediately turns into President Pissy Pants? What will he do when they are burning him inn effigy in front of his young daughters...?

Does A Foster Child Have Less Chance of Justice?

A little about four year old Andrew Burd:

"...On October 2, 2006 [foster mother] Hannah Overton claims that Andrew, on yet another eating binge, began demanding more food despite having just eaten. She, not wanting to give into his request for more food decided to put- according to her- a few sprinkles of Zatarain's seasoning in a sippy cup filled with water. Hannah says she then offered the cup to Andrew, who liked the chili flavor and accepted the water. In the hour and a half after he drank the water, Andrew fell gravely ill. He had trouble breathing, vomited and was said to have displayed severe flu like symptoms. Hannah made a series of phone calls, looked up "shock" in her EMT training book, preformed a breathing treatment on him, checked his vital signs, and finally as he fell in and out of conscientiousness an entire hour and a half later- took him to an urgent care facility. She never once called 911.

From the urgent care facility Andrew was taken to a local hospital, as the urgent care was unable to treat his life threatening condition. Hannah would reportedly make comments like 'she knew it was too much' and could be heard praying to God to make Andrew healthy again.

Andrew's life abruptly ended, and an autopsy concluded that he died of sodium (salt) poisoning and listed a secondary contributing factor of blunt force head trauma. Treating health care workers also noticed bruising on Andrew's body, along with a small, circular injury that was festering on his arm. Testing would conclude that Andrew's sodium level was 240mmol prior to receiving any bolo solutions, and that the sore on his arm was consistent with a burn.

The Overton's were arrested in connection with Andrew's death..."

His autopsy listed cause of death as acute sodium poisoning and a secondary cause of blunt force head trauma. He was force feed- as a punishment- around 23 teaspoons of Zatarain's seasoning, the main ingredient being salt.

You have to read this whole story over at Lilo's place. The woman's church has raised over 700,000 in funds for her defense, they started an extensive and very professional looking Free Hannah website, they employed an extensive letter writing campaign designed to discredit those that are convinced of Hannah's guilt and have appealed the murder conviction.

This little one deserves his own advocates. Lilo is asking that we take a few minutes to write the appeals board and/or the prosecutor to show our support in the prosecution of this woman:

"Hannah's conviction is currently under appeal. You can write letters of support for the conviction to the Appeals Court:

13th Court of Appeals: Corpus Christi Site Nueces County Courthouse 901 Leopard, 10th Floor, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401 - Telephone: (361) 888-0416 Fax: (361) 888-0794

And offer letters of support to the DA's Office who prosecuted the case:
District Attorney's office in Corpus Christi -- Or mail them at Nueces District Attorney; 901 Leopard St.; Corpus Christi, Texas 78401

This is a case which requires your attention. Your support for a child who was wrongly denied the right to live, for a conviction that ensured justice was served, for the prosecutors who fought endlessly to give a voice to a victim who could no longer speak for himself. (source)

CNN's Soledad O'Brien Wants Family Evicted Over Dog

...and how funny to have FNC covering the story!

On Fox and friends yesterday morning they had Ugo the Dog as a guest looking into the camera with his big, sad face.

"CNN correspondent Soledad O'Brien wants this dog gone.

The newswoman and other members of a Chelsea co-op board are trying to evict a beloved family pet from a swanky loft building because they say the dog is smelly and slobbers.

O'Brien, in a 20-page affidavit, complained about the pooch's "size, slobbering, shedding, drooling, gassiness and odors.

"No family should have to decide between its own shelter and putting the family pet in a shelter," said Michael Schwartz, the family's lawyer.

O'Brien, 42, an anchor and special correspondent for "CNN Worldwide," declined comment." (source)

Why can't people mind their own business and worry about what's going on in their own house? Hopefully the negative attention will work in the family's favor so they won't have to take the family dog from their kids...

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Outrage at Reuters

Three news agencies refused to distribute White House-provided photos of President Barack Obama in the Oval Office on Wednesday, arguing that access should have been provided to news photographers.

The Associated Press, Reuters and Agence France Presse said the White House was breaking with longstanding tradition in not allowing news photographers to capture the president at work in the Oval Office on his first day.

"We are not distributing what are, in effect, visual press releases," said Michael Oreskes, managing editor for U.S. news at the AP. (source)

Reuters, long proud of its tradition of independence, stated it would not use photos from the White House because they could easily have been altered, or "Photoshopped." We have never used, and will never use, photos from unreliable sources. We rely on staff photographers, both of them, and on "stringers", extremely reliable independent photogs, to provide photographic documents of unquestioned authenticity. Here are some examples our paparrazi stringers were able to capture of President Obama on his first day in office:

President Obama helping after a natural disaster (getting involved like President Bushitler would never do; rather he would hide in a classroom)

As he promised, meeting with world leaders like President Arafat

And working on his ranch in Crawford, TX

Closing GITMO

Among the first campaign promises Obama will bring to fruition is shuttering GITMO within one year's time.

The first thing that struck me was the fact that Obama made it a point to say how dangerous some of the detainees were. I had never heard him say that before --I guess what one believes before NSA briefings and after can be vastly different. Barack's followers seem to believe the US has been housing boyscouts there...

More importantly though, I couldn't help think this is such a crock. In my opinion GITMO was a symbolic talking point that was basically reflective of different views on the War on Terror. But was I wrong? Do people actually have a problem with housing those that were trying to kill our troops out of our country and out of our prison system were they could recruit others?

Was this Executive order a symbolic thank you to temporarily pacify his far left supporters (that now creates a host of sub-problems)...or was this an actual concern for the moderate Dems too?

Would MLK Be Proud?

I'll transcribe as I am sure many of you won't be able to stomach watching 6 minutes of this...

"Jeezy (Author of the song, "My President Is Black"): "I know ya'll thanking a lot of people right now...I want to thank two people. I want to thank the motherfucker overseas that threw two shoes at George Bush, and I want to thank the motherfuckers who helped them move they shit up out the White House. Get it moving bitch! My president is motherfucking black!"

JayZ: Never thought I'd say this shit, but baby I'm good. You can keep your pussy, 'cause I don't want no more Bush. No more war, no more Iraq. No More white lies, my President is Black!"

"Good" and "Bush" rhyme?

Of course, the sentiment behind "my President is Black" is belittled a bit by the fact that in the "official" song the next line is "my lambo is blue" and then something about his rims being 22" like Hulk Hogan's arms...? (lambo as in Lamborghini)

Couple this with Obama's economic adviser Robert Reich advocating that we keep government stimulus money away from skilled workers and “white male contractors”. Michelle Malkin has the whole story.

"...when we allow freedom to ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, "Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!" -Martin Luther King (source)

...None of this would seem to promote interracial hand holding, IMO.

My Baby Hates Obama?

I know this sounds like too good of a story for a Conservative Blogger to actually be true, but I SWEAR on Ronald Reagan it is!

Our 3 month old, J-Man, finds something about Barack Obama very disturbing...disturbing enough to cry each and every time he appears on television.

He likes the colors of the TV, so when I'm getting dressed or making dinner I put on Nick Jr. for him (so he doesn't subconsciously store grizzly information from Law & order or CSI). Yesterday he was cooing and kicking his feet at Kai-lan (Dora's Chinese counterpart) when all of a sudden he started crying like he had been pinched. I looked up at the telly and low-and-behold it was a clip of Obama's inauguration on the screen. Nickelodeon played these clips intermittently throughout the day and each and every time the baby cried.

You might surmise that the chub man didn't like the interruption in the cartoon, BUT this morning he was asleep in his crib and I had on FNC on the TV, when they cut to Obama reading the text of the executive orders he woke up and started to cry. I changed the channel to the Food Network and he was back to a 44th President-free nap.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

I can't blog today because of spyware and malware issues...every time I try to type a post 4,000 advertisement tabs and windows open. I have run Ad-Aware and Eusing (a free registry cleaner) about 1,000 times, but the s@#! must be multiplying... I had RegVac (which seems to always work), but this morning realized it was on a floppy! Who knew it was that long ago!?

...So off I go to try and fix this nefarious kibosh by the new administration. ;)

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So Excited on This Historic Day...

...when department stores all across America are giving away free cosmetics and skin care products!

"Some major department stores are giving away free make-up, skin care products and perfumes on Jan. 20, as part of a class action settlement.

The stores involved in the giveaway include Macy's, Dillard's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Nieman Marcus and Target. (Check the settlement site for the full list of all stores.)

The goods will be given away on a first-come, first-served basis. Consumers will be able to choose one item per person until supplies last.

Here are some of the brands being given away, according to the Birmingham Business Journal: Estée Lauder, Clinique, Lancome, Clarins, Guerlain, Givenchy, Chanel, Boucheron, Cody, Calvin Klein, L'Oréal and Christian Dior..." (source)

Woo Hoo!

What?! Was there something else going on today?

Nut Bans: "A Gross Overreaction to the Magnitude of the Threat"

This is SUCH a great article...and from the NYT! I'll be printing it and sending it to our principle.

"...While nut allergies are clearly a risk to some children, often the response to this health concern represents “a gross overreaction to the magnitude of the threat,” argues Dr. Nicholas A. Christakis, an internal medicine doctor and professor at Harvard Medical School, in a recent column in the British medical journal BMJ.

In the column, Dr. Christakis points out that about 3.3 million Americans are allergic to nuts, and even more — 6.9 million — are allergic to seafood. But of 30 million hospitalizations each year, just 2,000 are due to food allergies, and about 150 people die annually from serious allergic food reactions. That’s the same number of people killed by bee stings and lightning strikes combined. About 10,000 children are hospitalized annually with traumatic brain injuries from sports, 2,000 children drown each year, and about 1,300 die in gun accidents, he writes.

Dr. Christakis notes that while it’s reasonable for schools and parents to take basic precautions, there is no scientific evidence that nut bans are particularly effective at protecting children. But more important, he argues, is that limiting widespread exposure to nuts can make things worse. The “policy of avoidance” means that fewer children are being exposed to nuts, likely increasing their risk for developing an allergy. A 2008 study in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology of 10,000 British children found that early exposure to peanuts lowers risk of allergy, rather than increasing it." (source *emphasis mine)

The moral of this story is...I am forced to spend inordinate amounts of time in grocery store aisles checking every ingredient of everything I buy (was it made in a plant that at one time processed peanuts?!) when the child with the peanut allergy is still three times more likely to be SHOT than die from an exposure to nuts...

That being said, it may not be an ideal time for anyone to be eating peanut butter.

(H/T: Rickvid in Seattle!)

A Proud Father...

...and a fellow Blogger. Dana, from Common Sense Political Thought, has a daughter that is processing into the Army this morning and then she'll be off to Ft. Jackson, SC for 9 weeks of basic.

If you get a chance, you should go over and offer him a few words of encouragement...and thanks for raising a child that would willingly serve her country.

Monday, January 19, 2009


"... In his final acts of clemency, President George W. Bush on Monday commuted the prison sentences of two former U.S. Border Patrol agents whose convictions for shooting a Mexican drug dealer ignited fierce debate about illegal immigration.

Bush's decision to commute the sentences of Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, who tried to cover up the shooting, was welcomed by both Republican and Democratic members of Congress. They had long argued that the agents were merely doing their jobs, defending the American border against criminals. They also maintained that the more than 10-year prison sentences the pair was given were too harsh.

Rancor over their convictions, sentencing and firings has simmered ever since the shooting occurred in 2005. The former border guards in El Paso, Texas, are expected to be released from prison within the next two months..." (source)

This will make me feel a little better as I try to make it through this week in my sackcloth and ashes...

He's Baaayaack!!!

Just when you thought it was safe to enter the church again....Jeremiah Wright is back in the pulpit!!
Obama's disowned minister booked himself at Howard University for church services yesterday, when he offered thousands of worshipers his thoughts on an election that turned a parishioner into a president, and a pastor into a pariah.

"The haters are coming!" Wright warned in his sermon, drawing lessons from his own recent experience. "The Lord blessed me -- and here come the haters."

"ABC -- hater!" he shouted.

"CNN -- hater!"

"NBC -- hater!"

The worshipers roared with laughter. "But I'm still here," Wright taunted.

Political Persecution

Dan Rhiel points out:
In going after Bush after he leaves office they are out for nothing other than a full scale political prosecution. The Soviet Union may remain gone for now but the tactic of always going after your political opposition with something all too conveniently dressed up as the rule of law remains with us - too much so where today's American Left is concerned in my view.
I think, and this is serious, not a joke, that the very first thing the newly inaugurated President Obama should do is issue a full pardon for anything President Bush may have done while in office. Not that I think it is needed, but just to shut them up and to save the US years of heartache and millions of dollars.

And, this: Pelosi Open to Prosecution of Bush Administration Officials

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bush's Goodbye

"...As the years passed, most Americans were able to return to life much as it had been before 9/11. But I never did. Every morning, I received a briefing on the threats to our nation. I vowed to do everything in my power to keep us safe...

...Like all who have held this office before me, I have experienced setbacks. There are things I would do differently if given the chance. Yet I've always acted with the best interests of our country in mind. I have followed my conscience and done what I thought was right. You may not agree with some of the tough decisions I have made. But I hope you can agree that I was willing to make the tough decisions...

...It has been the privilege of a lifetime to serve as your president. There have been good days and tough days. But every day I have been inspired by the greatness of our country, and uplifted by the goodness of our people. I have been blessed to represent this nation we love. And I will always be honored to carry a title that means more to me than any other — citizen of the United States of America.

And so, my fellow Americans, for the final time: Good night. May God bless this house and our next president. And may God bless you and our wonderful country. Thank you." (source)

President Bush made some decisions that I didn't agree with (failing to pardon Compean and Ramos comes to mind most readily), but I honestly believe that he acted in what he thought was best for this country during his eight years as CIC. I believe that he truly loves American and that he truly stressed about how to best keep Americans safe even when it caused him to be burned in effigy. I think he acted out of concern and not with regard to his polls and/or his legacy. I still feel as if my decision in 2000 and 2004 to vote for him was the right choice for this country as we turn over the reins with no attacks on American soil after 9/11/2001 (despite the repeated threats).

(Of course the picture goes more with the speech we wish he would have given...)

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Or, maybe, just explain it?

Obamicon Me

See, it pays to have liberal friends or I would have never known I could Obamacon myself! ;)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

That Vagina, What a Clever Idea

Trust me, it was not easy finding an acceptable image for this post.

Breaking new ground in what many surgeons consider the next frontier in minimally invasive surgery, Yale School of Medicine and Yale-New Haven Hospital surgeon Kurt Roberts, M.D., successfully performed an appendectomy with no abdominal incision. The appendix was removed through a small incision in the patient's vagina.
The author considerately pointed out that there was no comparable option for dudes.

First Presidential Act in a Bad Economy? spend LOTS of money, the most in history actually, on his inauguration. Of course the swearing in itself takes less than 3 minutes, but that won't stop the Cult of Personality from spending between $50 and $150 million dollars (source) on the pomp and circumstance.

"...It is believed President-elect Obama's inauguration will be the costliest in history...despite the recession. President Bush has declared a state of emergency to free up federal funds to help the district cope with the soaring cost of the event.

There has been little outcry over the hefty price tag so far — unlike four years ago when the cost of President Bush's second inauguration provoked liberal outrage. described the event, in an piece by Eric Boehlert on Jan. 20, 2005, as "Bush's overblown celebration," the think tank Center for American Progress called it "lifestyles of the rich and heartless," and an article in the London Guardian by Paul Harri on January 9, 2005, said it was "an unashamed celebration of red America's victory over blue America." (source)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Am *I* A Prude?

This school year my friend's son has been telling me about the dances at his school...his ELEMENTARY school. Dances in 5th grade? I was a little shocked, but I chalked it up to it being a Catholic school looking for some cash...

Yesterday my FOURTH grader comes home and tells me there's a dance at OUR school for the 4th - 6th graders.


These kids don't even have armpit hair yet and we're encouraging and promoting romance?

And the dance is 'no jeans'... WTF? A mini prom? I am SO not into this.

Gee, why are our kids having sex so young? Maybe because romance in elementary school is now school sanctioned.

But since "everyone is going" if I say no I'm the bad guy...

I buy my son a "promise gift" in the beginning of each school year to keep him from "having a girlfriend" (whatever that means in the 4th grade)... Who would have thought the school would be acting as the counter agent?

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An Apology to Minnesotans

Last week I admonished Minnesotans for their seeming role in electing SNL veteran Stuart Smalley to the US Senate...but now I read that the latest poll there shows that only 34% of the people support Franken? So it would seem that I rushed to judgment against the remaining 66% of the people of Minnesota.

The case is now in the courts and Al Franken was turned down when he attempted to claim the certificate for the Senate seat.

So how did Stuart Smalley get this far?

Hollywood, how else? Franken's biggest donors all come from outside the state he is seeking to represent:

"...What you may not know is that some very big Hollywood money allowed Franken to pay a lot of bills. Actors Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, George Clooney, Steve Martin, Michael J. Fox all gave Franken the $4,600 maximum donations, as did David Letterman, Mike Myers, Ted Danson, Dan Aykroyd and Phil Donahue. Also many others. Also, far-left finance guy George Soros held a recount fund-raiser for Franken with special guest star Al Gore..." (source)

You really have to wonder why the Left was giving campaign finance reform such lip service... When it comes to profiting from big money donations, no one does it better than the limousine liberals and the Soros 527s.


by AFSis.

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Six Inconsequential Things About Me:

6) Despite your mockery...I love fruitcake.
5) When I run into friends I haven't seen since high school, they're always shocked I'm a Conservative...whatever that implies.
4) My mother-in-law hates my guts and has for the entire 12 years I've been with her son...luckily for me she lived in Florida for 11 of those years.
3) You all know I recently had a baby, what you don't know is that he's an Elven baby. Yes, he has adorable pointy little ears...I guess I played Twilight Princess too much while he was in utero. :)
2) My favorite present this Christmas was my one-cup Keurig coffee maker. Now we each have our own coffee maker so his caffeine doesn't keep the baby up...
1) I have been in a bit of a funk lately (which is unusual for me)...hopefully it will lift as I jump back into an exercise regiment.

People I'm tagging:
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Everyone else feel free to divulge in the comments :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fly Eagles Fly...

As you all know, I'm not really a big football fan. The game is way too frustrating for me. Take today's game when in the fourth quarter the Eagles had the ball literally 6 inches from the Giant's end zone...but had to somehow move the ball through a mountain of 600 lb. spandex-clad men to make the touchdown. So each play moves the ball a painstaking 1/8 of an inch. Way Too annoying.

Anyway, this is for my sis and my Dad (both rabid avid Eagles fans) and for Jpck who my sis loves to torture --and for traitorous SoLow who likes Dallas even though he grew up in Philly! ;)

Even at three months he prefers hockey, but he'll represent for Philly on behalf of his Aunt and Pop Pop.

The Phillies broke the curse of Willie Penn...Can we go for a Superbowl and a Stanley Cup? :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Real, Live Video

A good friend of mine has a real, live video... How cool is that?

I need ALL of you to go check it out. He needs the YouTube hits for the CD promotion.

GO HERE and watch the video.

There is a review of the new CD HERE.

You can get the CD HERE.

Why are you still here?

Oh, and the seemingly-underage little hooch in the video is not his girl...she was provided by the video company :)

Friday, January 09, 2009

Politics and Race

It's hard to imagine yourself ever shocked at the actions of someone within the political arena. We've witnessed to much to be taken aback very often...

Well, it happened to me yesterday and the man that accomplished this feat was, none other than NAACP head honcho: Julian Bond.

Some of you may be aware that Bond was elected to the House of Representatives in Georgia (in 1965), but was refused his seat due to his position on the Vietnam war.

Well yesterday he was comparing his past of being barred from that seat to Roland Burris' plight right now.

Rod Blagojevich may be a smarmy guy, but that obviously parlayed itself into a moment of brilliant treachery. Blagojevich knew no one wanted him appointing the next Senator and was well aware of the steps that were being taken to prevent him from doing so. In a (brilliant) and defying move he made the appointment, BUT he threw his detractors for a loop when he appointed a respected African American to the seat. Blagojevich knew that it would be virtually impossible to challenge this.

So Julian Bond was one of the first to fall right in line with Blagojevich's nefarious plan. For Bond to go so far as compare Burris' opposition to his own is ludicrous. Burris was appointed by a man accused of selling the very seat he has been appointed to. How do we know he wasn't a bidder? And of course I have to wonder if Julian Bond would be pushing to uphold the appointment if the appointee weren't Black. Would the "Democrats Yield to Burris" if he were not a minority? It's pretty bad when even USA Today is saying the Dems "traded principles for politics."

I can proudly say that I would be against Blagojevich's appointment whether he was Black, White...or even female. I challenge Julian, Pelosi, Reid and Durbin to say the same.

My Lib Friends May Be Shocked to Learn That...

My Word is "Peace"

You see life as precious, and you wish everyone was safe, happy, and taken care of.

Social justice, human rights, and peace for all nations are all important to you.

While you can't stop war, you try to be as calm and compassionate as possible in your everyday life.

You promote harmony and cooperation. You're always willing to meet someone a little more than halfway.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Teasing Builds Character...

"IF your child is being teased in the playground - don't worry, it's good for building character.

New research has found playful teasing could be good for young people because it helps them bond and develop social skills.

It may even make "victims" more likely to take on leadership roles in the long term. Dr Erin Heerey, of the University of Bangor in North Wales, studied a group of university students in California and found that their "playful humiliations" led to them becoming better friends.

Researchers visited the group a gain a couple of years later and found that students who had been the butt of jokes were in leadership positions and now playing the same role in passing on these social norms." (source)

Of course this is TEASING and not BULLYING we're talking about here. But this article (and another like it over at the NYT that includes jokes now deemed "sexual harassment" as teasing) have me wondering if teasing is included under the bully-empowering, self-defense robbing "Zero Tolerance" policies adopted by most schools?

I have found that I normally attempt to steer clear of people that lack the ability to laugh at themselves or engage in self-deprecating humor...

Have we become a society that is so weak we can't handle having a laugh at ourselves?

Fair-weather Facebook Friend
& Facebook VS. Breastfeeding Moms

If you were my friend on Facebook and now you're not my friend on Facebook, PLEASE do not be offended or take it personally... I even removed JustRose who I've known in my real life since I was 4 because she had too many blog folks...

I am one of the organizers for my 20 year high school reunion and I need to start using my Facebook for that purpose...with real info. etc.

So, rest assured, it wasn't anything you said, did or posted.


Speaking of Facebook, have you read about the ban on breastfeeding pics (they've been deemed "Obscene")? Well, of course, I was livid when I first heard about this...maybe some of us think that since our boobs were created to feed babies that bottle feeding pictures are obscene...

So in my rage I quickly joined the group Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene (Official petition to Facebook) and stated planning all the breastfeeding shots I could have The Man know, always the rebel.

BUT, then I started looking through some of the pics that have been banned (linked on that group site) and...well, ewwww.

Breastfeeding your baby is natural and beautiful in my opinion. I breastfeed both my boys for 16 months and am currently breastfeeding the J-Man. I am not someone that will hide in another room or make my child eat under a tent. That being said, breastfeeding your big kid is a bit a lot disconcerting and I might agree with Facebook in banning the evidence...

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Who Are You People in Minnesota?!

"...Democrat Al Franken beat Republican incumbent Norm Coleman to win the U.S. Senate seat from Minnesota, officials conducting a final recount said on Monday, though the loser promised to challenge the result.

The outcome found Franken edged Coleman by 225 votes out of nearly 2.9 million votes cast, but Coleman's lawyers complained the recount was conducted unfairly and promised a court contest that could take weeks to resolve..." (source)

You elected STUART SMALLEY to write legislation.

I can't believe Minnesota ranked 13 in the list of smartest states, BUT you'll notice that Pennsylvania is 10th.

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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Resolutions Anyone?

You Should Make 1 Resolution

Save Money.

What the quiz should have said:
Lose baby weight (very important since 20 year reunion is looming)
Remain smoke-free (it'll be a year in April)
Make a budget (and, uh, actually stick to it)
Stop neglecting the blog

Friday, January 02, 2009

Obama's Apostles

I know I've blogged about this a few times, but I can't stop thinking about all the people that have been on the "Republicans should stand by the President" kick... The more I think about it, the more annoyed I get. And of course it's been the most divisive people on the Left that have been espousing this new "for the good of the country" mantra.

You would think these proselytes would have changed THEIR ways, at least while they are asking us to change ours... You would be wrong.

Will Bunch (He writes a blog column for the Philadelphia Daily News called Attytood) has written a book (Complete with a Facebook group to promote it) called "Tear Down This Myth." Now aside from the fact that Will may have nicked the title from a 2007 NYT's piece is the fact that he's spent countless hours dwelling on what he perceives is the negative of a person that many, many, many people admire. BUT, I guarantee you that when all the right-wing anti-Obama books start hitting the presses the Lefties will be howling about the detriments of non-unity.

Will gets deleted from my Blogroll for this one...he has me linked in his "If You Must" much for journalistic non-partisanship.

And how about this little gem from over at HuffPo:

"Vanity Fair magazine interviewed Lawrence Wilkerson, former top aide to Colin Powell, for an oral history of President Bush's two terms. In it, he described the experienced cast of characters assembled around Bush, such as Powell, Cheney, etc.:

"It allowed everybody to believe that this Sarah Palin-like president -- because, let's face it, that's what he was -- was going to be protected by this national-security elite, tested in the cauldrons of fire."

Matthew Yglesias says the comparison is an insult to Palin: "Palin's something of a laughingstock, but Bush is a villain. I mean, he wrecked the world economy ... he's a total disaster and disgrace. Palin gave bad answers in TV interviews."

Sure, Palin wasn't able to do serious national (and international) damage, but isn't it fair to say both she and Bush are cut from the same cloth? (source)

So, am I going to be as demeaning and rude to O! as they have been to Bush? Of course not. I am an adult and a mother with young children that will 100% show respect for the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT. Something you see they never taught their children when you look at protest pics over at Zombietime (like the one pictured here)...

But will I don the facade that I actually stand with this man and have any faith in his social or economic There is no "being the bigger person" when it comes to my beliefs and the good of my country.

P.S. Speaking of protest pics over at Zombie's place... Can these idiots get in trouble for impersonating US Marines? What if onlookers didn't realize they were just little play-acting pinkos?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year... least until the 20th.

You Remember 90% of 2008

You were paying attention during 2008.

And you remember what happened really well.

You'll be able to talk about 2008 for years to come...

Even when most people have forgotten what went down.