Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Why This Election (Selection) Has Bothered Me So Much

At first I though I was just a sore loser (and there is a bit of that I'm sure), but this week I''ve come to grips with the fact that my discontent goes way deeper than that.

Before Americans pulled their respective levers last month, I found myself arguing passionately with people I'd never argued with...and about politics-a discussion I prefer to avoid in my 'real life.'. I realize that's normal amidst a contentious election...but it's still happening and I almost let a back and forth with my brother-in-law ruin my Thanksgiving.

I have such a sore spot about it. But it's not the Republican-Democrat thing, it's the Male-Female thing.

I literally get offended each time someone goes on about how 'ground-breaking' and 'historic' Obama's election is. Why? Haven't we been told for years and years that a man is a man regardless of his skin color? Haven't we as a nation striven for color blindness? I guess the problem must originate with my progressive mind. See, all that wasn''t lip service to me. I truly believe all men are gee, another MAN was elected president after hundreds of years of MEN being President. How incredibly ground breaking. Just because his skin is half darker than mine it's an earth shattering event? Sorry to be crude, but until the Oval Office is penis's just business as usual in the old boy's club.

Listen, I'm not playing dumb...I realize I'm supposed to be thrilled that the country isn't as racist as we thought it was... I guess I just never expected Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin to elucidate that it's way more sexist than racist.

My epiphany came yesterday at a Audi-Infinity dealer. My sister was commenting on the lack of eye-candy amongst the salesman and then on the fact there wasn't a woman in the entire dealership.
"That's because most men wouldn't buy a car from a woman...especially an expensive car. We can serve them food, teach their kids, and bring them a bedpan, but never fix their cars, defend their country or God forbid be Commander In Chief."

So there it is. It isn't just Card Check, the Fairness Doctrine and Union ass kissing... It's how Hillary and Sarah were treated and how the whole election was framed.

I thought we'd gained more ground since women's suffrage than being reduced to an SNL skit.

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