Tuesday, December 09, 2008

OBAMA SMOKES! What Will the Children Think!?

He said he quit! He lied to the American people during an election and now we find he's been cheating and sneaking those awful cancer sticks. His backsliding makes a mockery of all the work his party has done to spread the joy of smoking bans around the country. How can the crunchy granola kids work to outlaw something their fearless leader partakes in?! He is so selfish...now their hair might smell like his Marlboro reds! What kind of example is this man setting for the youth of America? He's the Messiah, the second coming, the great Hope for Change-- and if HE smokes, it must be COOL to smoke. Isn't this what all the kids with his face all over their t-shirts and Vans will think?

I mean even the NYT's judgmental Maureen Dowd is romanticizing Obama's smoking by claiming it makes him "intriguingly imperfect." (source)

Of course I'm being sarcastic. Personally I could care less if Obama smokes or not, but when the press and the left stop swooning they really should be holding him to account for this (as not to add to the great and growing list of hypocrisy and double standards). Obama is a much bigger celebrity then Joe the Camel and Al Gore worked to get him banned (source)...

...Though it's nice to know that I have more self-control than the hero of the Left. I haven't even had a drag since I quit back in April. ;)

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