Monday, December 08, 2008

No One Fails in Grand Rapids, Michigan

"...For more students nationwide, the grading alphabet ends at "D," as school districts eliminate policies that allow children to be given failing marks.

At public schools in Grand Rapids, Mich., high school students will no longer receive "F"s but instead will earn the letter "H" when their work falls woefully short.

Superintendent Bernard Taylor told that the "H" stands for "held," and is a system designed to give students a second chance on work that was not up to par.

"I never see anyone doing anything but punishing kids," said Taylor. "If the choice is between letting kids fail and giving them another opportunity to succeed, I'm going to err on the side of opportunity." (source)

I guess I understand the premise here... It's fine to want kids to have every opportunity to pass, but truthfully I think a lot of kids have to see that red 'F' to motivate them to work harder. I think many parents need to see the 'F' too for them to crack down or to find their child outside help/tutoring, etc. And for some kids I'm sure just the possibility of the 'F' keeps them more focused than if it were taken away.

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