Wednesday, December 17, 2008

LDS Backlash

Last night I was trying to figure out how I had become such a scourge to the Mormon faith...and I settled on the fact that it's their insecurity in their beliefs and not my words about them.

Presumably, they sniggered as I pointed out ridiculousness in Islam and chuckled when the Catholics were garnering my scorn...but say something about LDS and I'm a monster? Let me fill my Mormon friends in on something... The Man is an atheist --yes, I am "unequally yoked"-- who constantly makes fun of my beliefs (the "running joke" is that "mom doesn't believe in dinosaurs") and I don't cry or write him ten page emails because I am secure in my beliefs (and know that Christians do indeed believe in dinosaurs). If I think your religion is a cult...what do you care? If you're confident in what you've been taught, it shouldn't matter. I fully believe that Jesus is the son of God, yet manage to have many Jewish friends...

Here is a snippet of the latest in a never-ending barage of Mormon mail:

"I ask you to please take the picture off your blog. It is the decent thing to do. I see it as a type of voyeurism- those garments are considered sacred and private. You are not different than those "up-skirt" perverts. Would you be happy if someone posted personal pictures of you for the entire world to see? Please, do the right thing and take the pictures off your blog."

Let's address this picture in question-the one I've now so callously re-posted being the "up the shirt pervert" I am.

You may find it amazing to learn that I didn't fly to Utah to procure this picture...I found it ONLINE simply by typing 'LDS garments' in to Google. I would assume that means one of your fellow Mormons allowed the photo to be taken AND placed it on the world wide web...yet somehow *I* am the pervert?

I realize you're mad I always refer to the "sacred garments" as "magic underpants" but that's just semantics (and you must admit, the latter is funnier). You can try (as you have) to like the magic underpants to a yamika or crucifix, but if your religion choose personal items as the symbol that brings you closer to your god...that's hardly non-Mormons fault.

I don't feel the need to defend Christianity to you or to explain its theology and don't understand why you feel you need to preach Joseph Smith Jr. to me... If we agree politically, that's cool... I'm sure you're a very nice person and, really, we don't need to agree on everything. 

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