Friday, December 19, 2008

I Know Where He Can Put His Shoe

I am SO sick of hearing about this Egyptian "journalist" (Muntadhar al-Zeidi) that threw his nasty shoes at President Bush.

First off, I hope all of his secret service on duty that day were fired...their reaction time was insanely slow. When I met John McCain they patted down my pregnant belly as if I was a walking IED -yet somehow this guy is able to get both shoes off his feet and flying through the air...?

Secondly, how is this fool a hero now? Fathers are offering him their daughters? (Though I guess that should be enough said right? I was going to say what kind of people are these, but there you have it).

What would have happened if they would have thrown a shoe during a Presidential conference under Saddam?! WMD or not, al Qaeda or not...their country is a better placenow because of Bush. Regardless of the in-fighting among Americans about whether or not it should have been OUR blood and money that disposed their despot...THEY have benefited and now they're uppity? I was glad to see that Laura wasn't amused either.

Ya know, I've changed my mind and I'm with Barack. Pull out every last Soldier and Marine. God forbid another one of them die for this ungrateful, ass backwards country.

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