Friday, December 12, 2008

Hey Fitzy: Why Now?

Patrick Fitzgerald said he abruptly brought to light the ongoing investigation of Blagojevich with the 6 am arrest so a replacement for Barack Obama wouldn't be appointed under those nefarious conditions. But, since he IS still the governor AND we have a presumption of innocence in this country...Blagojevich could still make the Senate appointment.

So was there a higher purpose for the abrupt halt to the undercover portion of this sting--? What would be important enough to the supposedly non-political, non-partisan Fitzgerald that would prompt him to forfeit expanding the drag net?

Perhaps it was to protect the President Elect? Were Obama's people getting close to involving and incriminating themselves? With the country's financial situation so precarious did the powers-that-be decide the country couldn't take another blow...especially at the executive level?

Definitely something to think O! Or hate him...there's no denying he's a product of Chicago politics and apparently all that that entails.

And I think it's about time for Colin Powell to STFU. I didn't hear him calling on Al Franken or NPR to stop talking during the last 8 years. The "reasons" for his O! endorsement already had him voted off the island in my mind...

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