Monday, December 01, 2008

Black Friday Bargains?

"...At 5:03 a.m. Friday, customers surged toward a Long Island Wal-Mart store's entrance.

A 34-year-old temporary employee was killed when a "throng of shoppers . . . physically broke down the doors, knocking him to the ground," (source)

They now know this security officer was trying to protect a pregnant woman from suffering the same fate when he was taken down.

"....Two men shot and killed each other in a crowded Toys R Us shop in southern California on Friday as shoppers thronged to the sales on what is normally one of the biggest retail days of the year in the US.

The shootings at the Toys R Us in Palm Desert, 120 miles east of Los Angeles, came after two women shopping with children became involved in a fight near the checkout. As a crowd gathered around the bloody fight, Juan Meza, 28, who was with one of the women, stepped forward and pulled a gun from his pocket.

Another man, 39-year-old Alejandro Moreno, also produced a gun and chased Meza through the shop. The two men exchanged gunfire as terrified shoppers dropped to the floor or fled the store.

The bodies of the two men were found near the front of the shop, with two guns lying near them..." (source)

I have never gone shopping on Black Friday. To my knowledge there is NO sale, deal, or bargain worth me getting up that early and competing with that many people. Maybe I'm wrong?

The people at that Wal-mart should be so incredibly disgusted in themselves --and for what? It's not like they were giving away a house to the first 100 people. None of the news stories say what item they were there for...not that it would justify a death, but maybe reiterate the senselessness for the throngs of Black Friday maniacs...

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