Friday, November 14, 2008

Wait, I *AM* More Hopeful!

In the days since Obama won the election with a word, I have to admit...I have little by little become increasingly hopeful.

The more I listen to people, the more I read and the more I see on the 'news' I realize this was by no means a referendum on Conservatism...

I keep hearing Democrat Senators et all saying that America has shown that it is now a left-of-center country and most Americans sit where they do ideologically. That makes a nice news clip and all, but even they know that's not the case.

Regardless of the wins for Democrats and the big win for Obama, their ideals were rejected.

At the end of the day, people voted for their pocketbooks. Well, what they perceived to be better. Obama didn't run as a liberal Democrat. Obama barley ran as a centrist Democrat with his parroting the promises of tax cuts throughout the campaign.

In California (one of the most liberal states) there was Prop8 (gay marriage prop) and a few global warming initiatives...all failed. Liberal initiatives couldn't even pass in one of the most progressive states of the Union and in the midst of a Democratic groundswell... That should be heartening to all Conservatives.

Maybe the high ups at the GOP can take a few lessons from this campaign:

1) Conservative ideas and ideals do not need to be diluted before they are presented to the American people. We can run an ACTUAL CONSERVATIVE and win.

2) The Grand Old Party needs to embrace the NEW and become more technologically saavy.

3) We need a star. (People are so starved for political stars they've convinced themselves that Obama's ' a great looking guy' ?!) Sadly for some, this would definitely exclude Bobby Jindal from the national stage...

So as a party lets stop the pilgrimage to the center and return to the Reagan Conservatism everyone espouses but seems to timid to offer up. Let's stop apologizing for our beliefs. let's stop letting the MSM tell us we need to 'reach across the aisle' and be more centrist in our thinking. Let's start now so we can win in 2012.

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