Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks & Giving

Happy Turkey Day!Quick: the Top 5 things you are thankful for RIGHT NOW. And the REAL things, not some sanitized list that sounds good...


1) My chubby little baby Buddha who is smiling and gaining chins by the day.
2) My new Crocheted Ugg boots that are back ordered until May, but that The Man somehow managed to get me for my "Push Present".
3) That The Man has a foreman job at a company that has backlogged construction work in the midst of other company's (and union) lay offs.
4) That Busta and Ninja LOVE their new little brother and rush to help without being asked.
5) That the economy can't be as bad as they say because I had to go to three stores to find Pictionary Man yesterday and Wii Fit is sold out everywhere. I doubt expensive games were flying off the shelves during the Depression...

I hope each one of you has a wonderful day of food, family and friends (in that order) :)

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