Thursday, November 06, 2008

No Mandate & No Scapegoat Needed

John McCain's loss on Tuesday was a respectable one. Given all that was going against McCain there should have been an Obama and Democratic landslide... And there wasn't.

  • Obama got to run against an opponent that refused to fight with the ammo that landed in his lap (despite what Colin Powell was saying). There were so many things I would have used in commercials and stump speeches that McCain never touched.

  • Obama may be the only President-elect to complete the election cycle with tough questions from only ONE reporter...Bill O'Reilly.

  • Obama received more free advertising than any political figure --appearing on numerous magazines each week.

  • Obama had the luxury of a despised incumbent president and a subsequent backlash on his party.

  • Obama enjoyed the benefit of high gas prices.

  • Obama admittedly enjoyed the benefits of a flailing economy, housing and job markets.

  • Obama played on many Americans wavering spirit when it comes to sticking it out though a war.

  • Obama had more money than any candidate ever --making a mockery of the Democrats ongoing pleas to have all candidates accept public financing.

  • Obama also greatly benefited from his "present" votes in the Senate and his virtual obscurity because he was able to pull off campaigning as if he was a right-of-center guy. First clue pundits were wrong about O! "governing from the center"? His appointment of "pitbull partisan" Rahm Emanuel as COS.

  • Obama had the press swooning over him from the second he completed his keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

  • Obama got to run against a candidate that had spent the previous four years pissing off his own party and alienating his base.

  • Anyone being honest would have to acknowledge that given all this going for Obama and against McCain...the popular vote should have never been as close as it was. The left should be more embarrassed than gloating that this was all 'The One' could pull out after all the 'help' he had.

    But what is McCain's camp doing? Marring this respectable loss by smearing Palin and making her a scapegoat. The aforementioned list is the scapegoat. Palin was a breath of fresh air and brought McCain votes that McCain-Feingold and Teddy Kennedy amnesty had list him.

    Any McCain staffer named for trashing Palin should be blacklisted from ever running a national campaign again. Not in some great allegiance to Sarah Palin, but for defacing what could have been a valiant effort in the face of impossible odds.

    Yo McCain staffers: Obama had the Presidency handed to him on a silver platter and he still had to work his ass ofF to get it --THAT should be the story, not that your feelings were hurt because Palin wouldn't sit down with you before her Katie Couric interview...

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