Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I've Never Liked Change

I am sitting in bed, next to my sleeping husband and month old baby, listening to celebrating Obama supporters saying how America doesn't really know how he will govern because no one really knows him. That's really not to comforting (especially coming from Juan Williams and others like him...)

I get it though. I too am a minority (and Black men could vote in this country before women could), so I understand how exciting it is to elect an African American to the White House after this country's past. I just really wish the candidate could have been one with experience and actual qualifications and not just the Cult of Personality.

I'm not ashamed to say a few tears were shed in my house tonight...
But then I started thinking, it might be nice to be on the offense instead of the defense for the next four years.

I am grateful for one thing as the sun rises on President Elect Obama... The Man closed our small business last year and got a good job.

What will those 53% of the country do with a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress...How will they go on when they can no longer Blame Bush!?

...Now it's our turn.
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