Monday, November 10, 2008

Hot Topic Philosophy 101

This weekend I was braving the mall with all three boys for the good of the economy...always doing my part for all of you!

As my boys spent way too long looking at the horror movie action figures in Hot Topic I was amusing myself by looking through the infant onsies and came across an Obama onsie that says "Yes we can!"

Just then the spiked and pierced 20-something employee meandered by:

ALa: (holding up the aforementioned onsie and in a heavily sarcastic tone) I thought Hot Topic was supposed to be all anti-establishment and stuff and now you have this crap in here?

Spiked Boy: ...

ALa: What happens to the balance of the Universe when Hollywood, Hot Topic and all the little punk and Emo kids that are supposed to be anti-establishment start CHEERING for the establishment?! Doesn't that kinda undermine the whole rebellious thing and turn the world on its ass?

Spiked Boy: Dude! That's like so true. I never thought of that before. Dude.

ALa leaves the young enlightened boy to ponder the folly of his ways.

*I have been saying for years that being a Conservative was now the 'punk' thing to be. Liberalism is so cliche and mainstream -and that's gotta really piss off every art major in every college across American! haha

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