Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Could *We* Ever Serve the Kool Aid?

I'll keep the writer of this email anonymous because I thought it was an interesting question and I don't want the question to get sidetracked by the views of the questioner...

Regarding the Cult of Obama:

"I do think Republicans would act somewhat the same way if they were presented with the right candidate. Is there anybody out there you see as having that kind of potential?"

My first response was a flat out 'No!' (We on the right tend to let our leaders' decisions play out before we lionize them...), but we could explore that. Is there ANYONE that could inspire this much excitement for us? Someone you wish you could recommend if you had a pipeline to the GOP?

John Hawkins at RWN recently did a 'Right-of-Center Blogger Poll' about the Most Admired People on the Right --here was the list:

23) Michele Bachmann (4)
23) Glenn Beck (4)
23) Pat Buchanan (4)
23) Victor Davis Hanson (4)
23) Charles Krauthammer (4)
23) Dennis Prager (4)
23) John Roberts (4)
20) Dick Cheney (5)
20) Mark Levin (5)
20) Clarence Thomas (5)
19) Paul Ryan (6)
15) Tom Coburn (7)
15) Laura Ingraham (7)
15) Sean Hannity (7)
15) Mike Pence (7)
12) Jeff Flake (8)
12) Jonah Goldberg (8)
12) Antonin Scalia (8)
11) Jim DeMint (10)
9) Ann Coulter (11)
9) Thomas Sowell (11)
7) Michael Steele (12)
7) Michelle Malkin (12)
6) Mark Steyn (13)
5) Newt Gingrich (17)
4) Fred Thompson (18)
3) Bobby Jindal (22)
2) Rush Limbaugh (29)
1) Sarah Palin (33)

((You can also check out the Least Favorite People on the Right -I love that "McCain staffers" made the list))

Maybe if Michael Reagan was a biological son...?

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