Monday, October 20, 2008

Voter Fraud at 7-11

Forget about the hundreds of thousands of "second graders and Disney characters" that ACORN has registered to vote this election cycle...7-11 employers are attempting to suppress the vote of the blonde haired, blue eyed constituents.

As you may or may not know, 'Sev' boasts they have predicted the outcome of the last few presidential elections by their election time coffee cup sales. Now, I know this is wrong here in PA because NO ONE drinks 7-11 coffee. First choice is WaWa, then Dunkin' Donuts...but never 7-11 (though, it might be 7-11 in the badlands...)

Anyway, yesterday my sis and I went to Sev to see if we could get the McCain cups for something other than coffee. The cup has a big arrow that points to the UPC and states, "This is how we count your vote." Our cashier didn't scan ours! My sis quickly asked if they needed to be scanned and the girl said, "I got them." Ah, but you didn't SCAN them, you just charged us for 3 large coffees and unlike the people ACORN is registering...I can read.

So 7-11 can try to cash in on the election by claiming that "Every cup counts", but every cup doesn't count if the McCain cups aren't being scanned. (And just to test my theory, I'll break down and get an Obama cup today to see if the receipt is different). How's that for investigative journalism!? Blonde Sagacity...drinking 7-11 coffee so you don't have to! :)

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