Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Republicans for Obama" ?!

I tend to distrust signs claiming the person is one party and voting for the other's candidate. I guess I shouldn't though...

In the 2004 election I knew someone that voted for John Kerry because Bush "wasn't bombing enough in Iraq." Bush wasn't being hawkish enough so give your vote to the dove?!

In this election I have heard tell of Republicans voting for Obama because they are sick of the war. I tend to think these weren't actual Republicans to begin with --or maybe Republicans and not Conservatives?

The Man and I were talking about this the other night and decided that if you truly have a fixed set of ideals and wouldn't ever matter who the candidate is.

A true Conservative will always be opposed to big government, higher taxes and additional federally funded social programs. The true Conservative will be pro-life a majority of the time. The Conservative is pro-military and realizes that "freedom is only one generation away from extinction."

A liberal will most likely be pro-abortion. They will champion social warfare and higher taxes 'for the rich' (forgetting that a sole proprietorship can show a 1040 tax return of over $300K while the family eats Oodles of Noodles). The liberal will call for expansion of existing social programs and the creation of more. They will overuse the word diplomacy and steer America in the same path that Neville Chamberlain took the UK.

These are fixed beliefs. They don't change with the they? Even if I hated McCain with a passion--I am 1,000 more aligned with the platform of the RNC than I could ever be with the DNC or their candidate.

If William Buckley Jr.'s son decided he's voting Obama --who gives a crap? Who knows if he was a Conservative to begin with. Two of my brothers are voting for Obama. Does that somehow make me less of a Conservative --or does it strengthen my positions knowing I came from a house that produced and array of political opinions...

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