Friday, October 03, 2008

The Potential Veeps Debate: Palin VS. Biden

Look at the headlines about last night's debate:

Perky Palin lacks seriousness Boston Globe
Palin short on substance in showdown with Biden Detroit Free Press
Palin struggles to keep up with Biden Chicago Sun-Times, United States
A less-popular Sarah Palin heads to debate Los Angeles Times

Once again the MSM was watching a different debate than I was --and that polling groups of Independent voters were watching... The talking heads were saying that Palin "lacked substance", but so did Biden in my opinion...and it was not either of their faults. How profound can one be in 90 seconds?

I thought the Governor definitely held her own and actually left Biden with not much to say a few times when she used his own presidential bid stump speeches chastising B. Hussein against him...

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