Friday, October 24, 2008

Political Attack?

"...Ashley Todd 20, was robbed at a cash machine in Bloomfield, Pittsburgh.

The attacker put a knife to her throat and stole $60. But police said he then became angry when he saw a John McCain bumper sticker on her car.

He punched and kicked Miss Todd before using the knife to scratch the letter 'B' into her face.

Miss Todd refused to comment, but friends told the Tribune Review newspaper she was in Pittsburgh volunteering for the McCain-Palin campaign..." (source)

Why is the 'B' if carved with a paper clip using a mirror ?

I was feeling really guilty for having a gut feeling that this story wasn't true. My kids get annoyed because I always assume people are lying (I'm like Dr. House that way), but most people lie about almost everything.

Then my sis told me that O'Reilly seemed skeptical about it and I found this site this morning.

Granted, I'll feel bad if it's true...but I have to say what I think here.

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