Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Philly Cop Executed by Lifetime Felon Muslim

Who executed 30 year old Sergeant Patrick McDonald?

Daniel Giddings:
"WHILE OTHER KIDS his age played video games or rode bikes, Daniel Giddings was out committing felonies.

At age 10, he beat up and robbed a mentally challenged man, court records show.

"Neighbors told his mom when he was 10 years old she should buy a black dress now," Assistant District Attorney Joseph Coolican told a judge in 2000 just before Giddings, then 18, was sentenced in a 1998 carjacking case in which he shot the victim in both kneecaps.

At the time, Coolican told the judge that in his four years of prosecuting violent thugs, he'd never seen a defendant more likely to commit a crime again, according to a court transcript.

"I'm telling [the judge], he'll never be a safe person, never let him back on the street," Coolican recalled yesterday in a phone interview."

When you read about this degenerate, it makes it sickening to hear his uncle say that police shot him "because he was a Muslim". Yeah, that's it. Not because he executed a cop or anything...and I guess officers innately knew this lifetime thug was a Muslim because all we hear shoved down our throats is that it's a 'religion of peace". Argghhh!

How much tax money was wasted trying to "reform" this asshole? Will the judge be held accountable for handing down a minimum sentence for his last crime "because she was impressed with his GED grades"? Will the parole board that new he had committed over 20 infractions and spent more than 500 days "in the hole" but STILL APPROVED his parole be held accountable?

Unfortunately, even if they were all held accountable a thirty year old Philadelphia police officer (son of a retired Philadelphia Fire Chief) would still be gone.

Please read Captian America's take on the atrocity too.

I am so disgusted with the liberal policies that constantly reward the criminals... It may not be a "political" thing, but it's definitely an ideology thing.

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