Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hunting Sarah

This from Pagan Politics:

Imagine for a moment that you have an opportunity to pretend you are killing Sarah Palin. Would you do it? Would it be cool with your morals? After all, it’s only imaginary. Well an artist in New York City has thought all this through and decided that shooting Sarah or her daughter Piper might just be great fun. This woman has made it possible for passersby to line up with a gun and pretend they are doing just that. What’s the harm? It’s only make believe. Right.

NYC Museum Exhibit ‘Pokes Fun’ at Palin
"Visitors can don a fake-fur vest and hold a cardboard rifle to pose with the vice-presidential candidate and her daughter.

The artwork called “A Photo Op with Sarah Palin” opened last month at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition.

Artist Dawn Robyn Petrlik says humor is sometimes the best way to deal with serious issues like images of the governor celebrating her kill. The artist says the sight bothers her and clashes with Palin’s “pro-life stance.”

The piece costs $12,500, but getting a picture taken is free."

Noticeably absent from this description is the fact that onlookers are offered the opportunity to pick up a gun and pretend that they are actually hunting Sarah. Isn’t that quaint?

Have a look.

Now think for just a minute. Would behavior like this be tolerated if the image was of Barack Obama and his family, and patrons were offered the opportunity to shoot him and them? Or maybe someone put up a noose and made it possible to pretend you were lynching Obama?

Of course not.

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