Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finding My Rhythm

The new little man and I came home at the end of last week and we've been taking some time to adjust and fall into a schedule.


The day after our arrival, there was a knock on the door. FedEx had an overnight delivery I had to sign for. I thought The Man had ordered yet another pair of tanker boots... I was wrong. To my shock, it was from RBP (formerly JFM) and it was racks of ribs, baked beans and mustard slaw from Charles Vergos' Rendezvous Ribs in Memphis! I took the chance that after eating them I would suddenly feel the urge to Vote for Hope & Change and I'm glad I did! Those ribs were slammin' (and the mustard slaw is now one of my new favorite things)! So thank you RBP --that was so thoughtful. So many people here have been so incredibly kind over the years that I have been blogging...

So thanks all for bearing with me as I figure out this blogging with a newborn thing. Thanks for all your words of encouragement and support after he was born. Reading your comments helped passed the time in the hospital.

Thanks! :)

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