Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Could It All Come Down to Pennsylvania?

Months ago I wrote about the exciting fact that Keystone State Republicans would finally have a voice in this election. Our primaries are too late to 'count' and this state hasn't gone RED since 1988. BUT, this time it looks like WE may be the deciding factor and this will be one of those times where EVERY vote will count.

I don't believe the polls for my state. Pennsylvania is chock full of FDR/Reagan Democrats. Union workers and Catholics that would be Republican were it not for family tradition, etc. Many of the houses in my neighborhood that were sporting Hillary signs in the primary now have McCain signs. Most of the Union guys I know are annoyed their Unions have endorsed Obama and are voting McCain.

That might sound like this all makes me hopeful --and normally it would. BUT, I know too many (oh, there are so many colorful words I could use here) people that have claimed they are making a statement by "not voting for anyone" on November 4th. So basically these high IQ folks are handing the election to Barack. How many times do I have to explain to these dolts that the primaries are where you make your statements and you vote your ideals in the general regardless of whether you LIKE the candidate...no one's asking you to invite him to your house or to date him. There are two SCOTUS appointments to think of. There are taxes to keep in check and a war on islamofacists to think of...

Good OpEd about the fight in PA -H/T: kali

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