Thursday, October 23, 2008

Barack's Birth: But Was the Manger in the USA?

I didn't realize there were still ongoing lawsuits in the matter of the American people vs. Barack Obama in the matter of his birthplace and subsequent possible intelligibility to be President...

Andy Martin is suing Hawaii's Governor and Director of the Department of Health.
Filed 10/17/08:
"...Plaintiff is physically present in Hawaii and is available to appear before the Court in person at any hearing on or before October 22, 2008.
There is intense national interest in access to an officially certified copy of the birth certificate in question as well as any related supporting information which the defendants may have in their possession."

Steven Marquis claims Barry was born in Kenya:
" Obama's birth certificate from Hawaii does not prove he is a natural-born citizen because it doesn't show the name of the hospital, a doctor's name or a baby's footprint.

Marquis, who intends to represent himself, said his legal challenge is one of several across the country that alleges the 47-year-old senator from Illinois was not born in the United States, but in Kenya, the country of his father's origin..."

Obama does now admit to having "duel citizenship" from Kenya... Also at

I can't understand why B. Hussein's handlers haven't put this to rest if it has no merit...

(Pictured with Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga--Obama'a cousin?)

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