Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Truth About Obama's "Equal Pay"

I LOVE the "equal pay" commercials that the Obama camp has been running ad naseum here in Pennsylvania. Why? Because they are a direct and tangible rebuttal to the lip service that's been offered since the Palin nomination claiming they have no fear of losing any women to McCain. The amount of money that has been spent running that ad belies there confidence and tells the true tale of panic...and the FACTS should make that panic worse:

'But McCain's campaign cited Senate records to assert that McCain pays women better in his office than Obama does.

"Barack Obama says he's for equal pay for women, but women working in his Senate office earn an average of $9,000 less than men. By contrast, women in John McCain's Senate office actually earn an average of nearly $2,000 more than men. The American people understand that real leadership for the change we need is all about what you do, not just empty words," McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said in a statement.

The study that McCain's campaign cites, however, notes that a major reason for the disparity is that McCain has more women in senior, higher-paid positions..." (source)

I completely agree with the case that McCain voted against... The woman wasn't suing to make equal pay, --she was suing for back pay (like reparations which I am also against). This would set a precedent that would further weaken the economy and job market. Woman should make equal pay -no doubt -but I agree that every woman in America can't now sue for years and years of retroactive pay. Let's move forward from here.

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