Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Patriot's Day" Roundup
Have We Moved From Remembrance to Resolve?

I must be the worst political blogger EVER...because I had no idea 9/11 was now a recognized holiday called Patriot's Day until a letter came home from my kids' school asking that they were red, white and blue to school that day. When did this happen? By order of whom? And where the heck was I?

The boys at the Castle want to know Where were you on September 11, 2001?

I was standing on the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey watching a seemingly surreal line of black smoke creep down the horizon line.

Here's a little snippet of the RESOLVE going on over at The Rotti:

"So today we’ll remember that terrible day, perhaps shed a tear and once again resolve and swear before Almighty G-d that America will always stand for justice in a dangerous world.

We true Americans will always know the direction peril lies in and will not be distracted by the politics of victimhood, class-warfare and socialist ideology that places true patriotism in a trash bin."

Michelle Malkin has a great post up about remembrance and resolve.

And lest we forget where B. Hussein stands...Sweetness and Light reminds us.

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