Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Palin Pick : Five Days Later

With "Troopergate" (does anyone really care?), her daughter's teen pregnancy (how many families in America can relate?) and even some staunch Conservatives throwing Palin to the wolves:

"...McCain did not want Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential pick. He wanted Joe Lieberman. And as insane as it sounds, even Joe Lieberman would have been a better choice than Sarah Palin. He would have been stronger on national defense. He would have been stronger on fighting Islamofascism. And for all his far-left views, he taught his daughter well enough so that she didn’t get pregnant as a teenager. But the Republican puppet masters gave Sarah Palin the nod instead..." (Michael Savage)

...What are you thinking now. Are you as excited as you were Friday? Do you still think Palin was a good pick and this firestorm in the MSM is indicative of that fact?

Personally, I think the negative press Palin is getting lacks any substance at all. None of it detracts from her accomplishments. And for Michael Savage (who is so right wing he makes me look liberal) to imply he would have been happier had Lieberman been the choice is laughable. I admire Lieberman and he's definitely my second favorite Democrat (Zel Miller still tops the list), but Veep to an already middle-of-the-road candidate?

So, are you still secure with McCain's pick or are you beginning to vacillate?

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