Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama's Commercials Are Corralling the Sheep

Over the past week or so there have been a few people around me that have unexpectedly pledged their vote to Obama. "Really, why?!" I have asked...already knowing the answer I will get from my non-political friends. "Because..." and from there they go through the Obama commercials running here in the Keystone State one by one. If they knew what they sounded like -they'd realize how embarrassed I was for them as they stood there reciting their pre-prepared list. It's pathetic...and brilliant. Obama's campaign has definitely tapped into reaching the uninformed dolts of society (no offense to my friends that have taken the carrot). From Stem cell research, to McCain hating women, to oil companies...

But here's the thing --As I told you before the ever-Blue state Pennsylvania is IN PLAY IN THIS ELECTION. Right now the candidates are tied (which is never the case in September -the Dem is Always ahead). PA has a chance of being red on the map for the first time since 1988 --and there are NO John McCain ads to be seen. WHERE IS THE McCAIN CAMPAIGN TO BALANCE OUT THE MESSAGES THE SHEEP ARE RECEIVING?!

Why haven't I seen THIS in a commercial --or better yet, THIS?

No, instead I have to see/hear some monotone female factory worker that couldn't even memorize her lines saying John McCain didn't want her making the same as the men in her plant--which the non-sheep already know is a lie.

The McCain camp really needs to step it up here in this pivotal state. I am hear to tell them Obama's ads are having an effect.

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