Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Rev's "October Surprise"?

Reverend Jeremiah Wright has already contradicted Barack Obama and affirmed what all of us already knew...Barry knew all about the Rev's stand on racial issues and his radical politics.

That didn't seem to hurt Barack Hussein in the polls too much, but I found this little bit of info fascinating:

"New York Magazine has done a special issue this week on race and the US election. There’s lot of good stuff in the package but this line from John Heilemann’s cover story stood out to me:

“In October, Obama’s former pastor, Wright, will publish a new book and hit the road to promote it”

This is a huge problem for Obama. It means that the whole controversy over Wright’s racialist sermons and his friendship with Obama is going to be returning to the news agenda just as undecided voters begin to make up their minds.

Wright’s performance at the National Press Club back in April showed that Wright revels in the national spotlight and doesn’t care if his performances hurt Obama. If the Obama campaign and mutual friends of the two men couldn’t rein Wright in then, they have little hope of doing so in October considering that following Wright’s National Press Club performance Obama said that Wright’s views ‘rightly offend all Americans, and should be denounced’." (source)

I was thinking back and if I recall correctly, the last 'decent' October Surprise was Bush's drunk driving arrest --which was actually more of a November surprise. The attempts since then have been pretty lame (i.e. Charlie Rangle's Draft Scare when he was the one that had introduced the draft bill....)

And speaking of Obama...according to Jay at Stop the ACLU, he got another ringing endorsement: The Communist Party wants Barack Hussein in 2008! What a shocker.

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