Friday, August 15, 2008

Politics of the Olympics

"...An Iranian swimmer who pulled out of an Olympic race with an Israeli athlete on Saturday will not be punished after International Olympic Committee official credited the Iranian's claim that he withdrew due to illness. Moments before the heats in the men's 100-meter breaststroke on Saturday, Mohammad Alirezaei backed out. He was to face a field that included Tom Be'eri of Israel. A spokeswoman for the IOC, Giselle Davies, initially said Mr. Alirezaei could be disqualified from the Olympics if he refused to participate because of the Israeli competitor, but she said Monday that the committee has accepted Mr. Alirezaei's claim that he was ill..." (source)

I have never been one to watch summer Olympics. It's embarrassing really. Volleyball? Handball? Ping Pong? DOUBLES Ping Pong?!

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