Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's Veep

"McCain Vice President Choice is His Toughest Decision Yet
He needs to excite the dispirited party with his choice for the bottom of the ticket

It has been a running—make that a running mate—theme since 71-year-old John McCain wrapped up the GOP presidential nomination: His pick for vice president must be comparatively young, a "new generation" Republican who could balance the boss's decidedly mature mien and long tenure in Washington..." (source)

There is a chance McCain could announce today and I am wondering who you all want... Who would excite you? Especially for those of you that are planning on abstaining this time around...what VP could get you into the booth?

John Hawkins of RWN did a poll of RW Bloggers and Mitt Romney (barf) and Sarah Palin (my choice) tied the top of the list of "most wanted."

I hope this Wall Street Journal article is right:
"A source very close to Mitt Romney tells Washington Wire that the former governor of Massachusetts had no plans to be in Ohio today..." (source)

...I know Mitt would make some of you happy, but Mitt would be the one candidate to make me stay home election day. And that would be bad as I see Pennsylvania with a strong chance of going RED for the first time since 1988.

Palin is pro-life for real (no flip flopping), a hunter and fisher(wo)man and lifelong NRA member, a mom of five kids, and a rare politician with approval ratings in the 80s and 90s. Like Biden, Palin has a son that is being deployed to Iraq in September --though her son is only 19.

Who is your pick?

Carly Fiorina (Former Hewlett-Packard CEO)
Rudy Giuliani (Former Mayor of New York))
John Thune (Senator, South Dakota)
Meg Whitman (Former eBay CEO)
Kay Bailey Hutchinson (Senator, Texas)
Eric Cantor (Congressman, Virginia)
Rob Portman (Former Congressman, Ohio)
Charlie Crist (Governor, Florida)
Joe Lieberman (Senator, Connecticut)
Tom Ridge (Former Governor, Pennsylvania)
Sarah Palin (Governor, Alaska)
Tim Pawlenty (Governor, Minnesota)
Mitt Romney (Former Governor, Massachusetts)

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