Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Guest Post by Zelda

Stop. Zombietime

The Democrat convention kicks off this week, so naturally Denver is swarming with idiots.

The amazing photojournalists, Zombie and El Marco, are there to capture the absurdity.

Anarchists and communists working together to destroy capitalism.

I've always wondered if they have any idea that their governing (or non-governing) philosophies are polar opposites?

Somehow I don't think so.

And really, all you have to do to find anarchy is go to almost any country in Africa.

Anarchy is not quite as liberating as one might imagine.

And hundreds of millions of people died under communism, so why not give that another try?

Really the only thing good about revolutionaries is that they're usually the first to die when their governments of choice gain complete power. Mostly, a whole lot, the governments they advocate don't like people who protest anything for any reason. I actually feel kind of sorry for them.

I remember talking to an anarchist once at one of the anti-war rallies we protested. He was wearing all black and had a black handkerchief tied around his face - not exactly an inviting persona....but I digress.

I asked him if he knew what anarchy was. He pointed to all the protesters and said, "This is anarchy."

I pointed out that all the protesters were surrounded by police.

He really didn't seem to understand.

Anyway, the picture that irritated me the very most in this series is the one of these morons.

In case you can't see, that's a picture of Muqtada al-Sadr on the left side of that sign. He's a radical Shiite cleric in Iraq. Just recently they discovered a torture room/death chamber in a mosque used by the militia of this brave, heroic anti-imperialist. I guess torturing and slaughtering fellow Iraqis who want (or were rumored to have wanted) the future the U.S. offers is just one of the many unpleasant realities of fighting imperialism. Because really. Who would want to be like the U.S. when you could be like Iran?

Which all brings me to some conclusions I reached years ago from visiting these protests and seeing who was out there.

They're communists, mostly, with anarchists as useful idiots.

And they're using the Islamists as proxy-fighters in what they see as a potential war against free market economies.

One thing to note: There are very very few Muslims at these protests. Maybe some student organizations and a rep from CAIR here and there, but mostly it's the same old self-flagellating white people who project their self-hate onto their country's leadership because they don't know how to deal with their own personal shortcomings. Better to blame someone else for one's failures.

And they rant and chant and scream about GITMO and Abu Ghraib, but carry around signs in support of al-Sadr and Saddam Hussein, not bothering or even needing to consider that most Muslims are divided at best on the subject of ruthless dictators and brutal insurgents, just as they are divided on the U.S.

Muslims have their own issues and their own agendas, and the worst of them must be fought just like any other threat to our country.

But the fight of the Communists and their anarchist lackeys, who are the backbone of the entire anti-war movement, really has nothing to do with Muslims or imperialism or even war. They're fighting for the overthrow of democracy, and capitalist economies. For reasons known only to them and which are thoroughly incomprehensible to rational man, they see an undefined Something Else as preferable.

H/T: Little Green Footballs where Zombie will be cross posting the whole week.

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