Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Guest Post by Odin

"Trade a fatting hog for those girls"

Some uptight aunt filed a formal complaint against a man for a country complement and there is a stupid law about an automatic arrest for a formal complaint involving sex.

Can I try that on some idiot that I do not like? Hey they said something that in my mind is a sexual context so I want them in jail, with out due process? We no longer live in a free society and free speech is dead.

I once gave a talk to a men's group, a long time ago and used the old phrase about 'three ugly sisters' to refer to inflation, budget deficit and trade deficit. That was a hit. 10 years later I used the same phrase again in another talk to a group including women. That time I got some 'negative feed back'. This tells me that either women do not appreciate a pithy phrase or that some women are too uptight for me and I should just never talk to them, or that the PC crowd as taken over and we no longer have free speech. That uptight aunt should get a chance to spend the night in jail and that prosecutor should be fired, even if he was following the existing law. I expect prosecutors to use discretion and common sense. And that law needs to be challenged and ruled unconstitutional, or rescinded.


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