Thursday, August 21, 2008

George Hussein Onyango Obama

"The Italian edition of Vanity Fair said that it had found George Hussein Onyango Obama living in a hut in a ramshackle town of Huruma on the outskirts of Nairobi.

Mr Obama, 26, the youngest of the presidential candidate's half-brothers, spoke for the first time about his life, which could not be more different than that of the Democratic contender.

"No-one knows who I am," he told the magazine, before claiming: "I live here on less than a dollar a month."

He has only met his famous older brother twice - once when he was just five and the last time in 2006 when Senator Obama was on a tour of East Africa and visited Nairobi.

The Illinois senator mentions his brother in his autobiography, describing him in just one passing paragraph as a "beautiful boy with a rounded head".

Of their second meeting, George Obama said: "It was very brief, we spoke for just a few minutes. It was like meeting a complete stranger." (source)

Obama seems pretty set on using YOUR money for a "single payer health care system" and for a "world government" --yet isn't it interesting that he can't use any of the $4.2 million he made in 2007 to help a sibling that is living on less than a dollar a month?! (source)

This honestly isn't feigned indignation...this makes me a little sick that Barry is trouncing around parroting the word "change" when he can't even spare some change for blood...

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