Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's Veep

"McCain Vice President Choice is His Toughest Decision Yet
He needs to excite the dispirited party with his choice for the bottom of the ticket

It has been a running—make that a running mate—theme since 71-year-old John McCain wrapped up the GOP presidential nomination: His pick for vice president must be comparatively young, a "new generation" Republican who could balance the boss's decidedly mature mien and long tenure in Washington..." (source)

There is a chance McCain could announce today and I am wondering who you all want... Who would excite you? Especially for those of you that are planning on abstaining this time around...what VP could get you into the booth?

John Hawkins of RWN did a poll of RW Bloggers and Mitt Romney (barf) and Sarah Palin (my choice) tied the top of the list of "most wanted."

I hope this Wall Street Journal article is right:
"A source very close to Mitt Romney tells Washington Wire that the former governor of Massachusetts had no plans to be in Ohio today..." (source)

...I know Mitt would make some of you happy, but Mitt would be the one candidate to make me stay home election day. And that would be bad as I see Pennsylvania with a strong chance of going RED for the first time since 1988.

Palin is pro-life for real (no flip flopping), a hunter and fisher(wo)man and lifelong NRA member, a mom of five kids, and a rare politician with approval ratings in the 80s and 90s. Like Biden, Palin has a son that is being deployed to Iraq in September --though her son is only 19.

Who is your pick?

Carly Fiorina (Former Hewlett-Packard CEO)
Rudy Giuliani (Former Mayor of New York))
John Thune (Senator, South Dakota)
Meg Whitman (Former eBay CEO)
Kay Bailey Hutchinson (Senator, Texas)
Eric Cantor (Congressman, Virginia)
Rob Portman (Former Congressman, Ohio)
Charlie Crist (Governor, Florida)
Joe Lieberman (Senator, Connecticut)
Tom Ridge (Former Governor, Pennsylvania)
Sarah Palin (Governor, Alaska)
Tim Pawlenty (Governor, Minnesota)
Mitt Romney (Former Governor, Massachusetts)

Jimmy Carter: Inventor of America's Misery Index
and Sufferer of Acute Verbal Diarrhea

"...Former President Jimmy Carter said Thursday that John McCain is “milking every possible drop of advantage” from his time as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, USA Today reported Thursday.

“John McCain was able to weave in his experience in a Vietnam prison camp, no matter what the question was,” Carter, a 7-year Naval officer, told the paper. “It’s much better than talking about how he’s changed his total character between being a senator, a kind of a maverick at the time, and his acquiescence in the last few months with every kind of lobbyist pressure that the right wing Republicans have presented to him.” (source)

Those that aren't just jumping on the political bandwagon now because they have a crush on Obama, know that McCain doesn't like to talk about his time in Vietnam and bristles when people call him a hero. They should go listen to old Sean Hannity shows if they want proof of that...

McCain's first executive act should be rescinding Carter's Secret Service agents.

Obama's Theme Song

"...Barack Obama prefers feel-good, Motown-era, baby boomer-friendly pop ("Higher and Higher," "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours," etc.). But his musical messages can be mixed, too. Obama's campaign often plays Aretha Franklin's "Think," which superficially makes sense, especially with its rousing refrain ("Oh, freedom . . . yeah, freedom!"). But "Think" isn't really about freedom. It's a defiant warning to a straying lover: "You better think -- think! -- about what you're trying to do me." (source)

Since there was no Hillary-esque hoopla and fanfare about it, I couldn't remember if I had heard an official announcement regarding Barack's theme song. It took me a little digging, but Obama does have an official campaign ditty: Better Way, by Ben Harper

I think I prefer Shania Twain's 'You don't impress me much' or RightWingRocker's suggestion of The Beetles' 'Nowhere Man.'

I know there have to be perfect songs out there for Barry...

Spell-Check Withdrawl

Your Common Spelling Mistake Score: 85% Correct

Your spelling is excellent.

You don't fall for common spelling pitfalls, and you spell almost everything correctly.

That's not really true...when I have to hand write letters to my kids' teachers and such I panic without the use of spell-check. I question myself on so many words now that I would have written with ease pre-computer. Hello, my name is ALa and I am a spell-check addict(and if you are too you should be using Firefox which spell-checks everything you type no matter where you are!) :)

Spell-Check Withdraw

Caption It...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

DNC Convention

"...The fact that Democrats are having such a difficult time making the case for Obama without attacking President Bush cuts to the underlying problem facing Obama's candidacy -- that he's a freshman Senator who hasn't accomplished anything of significance.

In the Democratic primaries, the tale of how Obama gave up a high-paying Wall Street job to become a community organizer in Chicago made liberal audiences swoon, but it doesn't resonate as deeply among the general electorate..." (source)

"...Barack Obama has been forced, by the clout Hillary Rodham Clinton showed in their primary battle and his need for her voters in his race against Republican John McCain, to allow the gathering of Democrats to look a lot like the Clinton Convention...." (source)

I was telling my sister and my dad how incredibly BORED I am with this election cycle. It's been hard to post or read about because I have no interest whatsoever...

I think the only thing that could revive my interest would be for McCain to pick someone really, really conservative and controversial. Like Rush or Ann. other than that, it's going to be a real chore to pretend I'm interested...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Guest Post by Odin

"Trade a fatting hog for those girls"

Some uptight aunt filed a formal complaint against a man for a country complement and there is a stupid law about an automatic arrest for a formal complaint involving sex.

Can I try that on some idiot that I do not like? Hey they said something that in my mind is a sexual context so I want them in jail, with out due process? We no longer live in a free society and free speech is dead.

I once gave a talk to a men's group, a long time ago and used the old phrase about 'three ugly sisters' to refer to inflation, budget deficit and trade deficit. That was a hit. 10 years later I used the same phrase again in another talk to a group including women. That time I got some 'negative feed back'. This tells me that either women do not appreciate a pithy phrase or that some women are too uptight for me and I should just never talk to them, or that the PC crowd as taken over and we no longer have free speech. That uptight aunt should get a chance to spend the night in jail and that prosecutor should be fired, even if he was following the existing law. I expect prosecutors to use discretion and common sense. And that law needs to be challenged and ruled unconstitutional, or rescinded.


Elizabeth, Not John, Gets Ripped in the MSM

"...Two weeks after a devastating revelation sent her husband into political exile, Elizabeth Edwards isn't getting the steady sympathy usually afforded to a woman scorned.
Elizabeth Edwards, pictured with John Edwards in May, has been criticized for the way she handled his affair.

Elizabeth Edwards, pictured with John Edwards in May, has been criticized for the way she handled his affair.

Instead, she's faced criticism from dedicated Democrats who think she was too willing to keep the affair a secret to help John Edwards' political ambitions, as well as her own.

It seems an odd way to treat a woman with incurable cancer wronged by a cheating husband, the latest in a series of deep hardships in life that includes the death of a teenage son.

But some former followers have questioned the recklessness of keeping the affair under wraps even though her husband -- a former U.S. senator, two-time presidential candidate and the 2004 vice presidential nominee -- said he confessed the affair in 2006, before the campaign began in earnest the next year.

"I think she's complicit," said Brad Crone, a Raleigh-based Democratic consultant. "Obviously, she knew. While she's the victim, she clearly didn't stand in the way of the cover-up." (source)

OMG, I'm not professing any certain love for Elizabeth Edwards...but in all fairness was an article like this EVER written about Hillary in the MSM?! She "was complicit" in how many affairs and at least one love child we've heard rumors of. Why does Hillary get a pass and dying Elizabeth a tongue lashing?

...I'll never understand left-wing politics. But, I guess that's a good thing.

The Ad Obama Doesn't Want You To See

A presidential candidate looking to squelch free speech --say it aint so!

It's so.

(H/T: Jay at STACLU)

Caption It...

There was such a plethora of good pics from the DNC'll have to go look through all of them...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Guest Post by Zelda

Stop. Zombietime

The Democrat convention kicks off this week, so naturally Denver is swarming with idiots.

The amazing photojournalists, Zombie and El Marco, are there to capture the absurdity.

Anarchists and communists working together to destroy capitalism.

I've always wondered if they have any idea that their governing (or non-governing) philosophies are polar opposites?

Somehow I don't think so.

And really, all you have to do to find anarchy is go to almost any country in Africa.

Anarchy is not quite as liberating as one might imagine.

And hundreds of millions of people died under communism, so why not give that another try?

Really the only thing good about revolutionaries is that they're usually the first to die when their governments of choice gain complete power. Mostly, a whole lot, the governments they advocate don't like people who protest anything for any reason. I actually feel kind of sorry for them.

I remember talking to an anarchist once at one of the anti-war rallies we protested. He was wearing all black and had a black handkerchief tied around his face - not exactly an inviting persona....but I digress.

I asked him if he knew what anarchy was. He pointed to all the protesters and said, "This is anarchy."

I pointed out that all the protesters were surrounded by police.

He really didn't seem to understand.

Anyway, the picture that irritated me the very most in this series is the one of these morons.

In case you can't see, that's a picture of Muqtada al-Sadr on the left side of that sign. He's a radical Shiite cleric in Iraq. Just recently they discovered a torture room/death chamber in a mosque used by the militia of this brave, heroic anti-imperialist. I guess torturing and slaughtering fellow Iraqis who want (or were rumored to have wanted) the future the U.S. offers is just one of the many unpleasant realities of fighting imperialism. Because really. Who would want to be like the U.S. when you could be like Iran?

Which all brings me to some conclusions I reached years ago from visiting these protests and seeing who was out there.

They're communists, mostly, with anarchists as useful idiots.

And they're using the Islamists as proxy-fighters in what they see as a potential war against free market economies.

One thing to note: There are very very few Muslims at these protests. Maybe some student organizations and a rep from CAIR here and there, but mostly it's the same old self-flagellating white people who project their self-hate onto their country's leadership because they don't know how to deal with their own personal shortcomings. Better to blame someone else for one's failures.

And they rant and chant and scream about GITMO and Abu Ghraib, but carry around signs in support of al-Sadr and Saddam Hussein, not bothering or even needing to consider that most Muslims are divided at best on the subject of ruthless dictators and brutal insurgents, just as they are divided on the U.S.

Muslims have their own issues and their own agendas, and the worst of them must be fought just like any other threat to our country.

But the fight of the Communists and their anarchist lackeys, who are the backbone of the entire anti-war movement, really has nothing to do with Muslims or imperialism or even war. They're fighting for the overthrow of democracy, and capitalist economies. For reasons known only to them and which are thoroughly incomprehensible to rational man, they see an undefined Something Else as preferable.

H/T: Little Green Footballs where Zombie will be cross posting the whole week.

(You can read Zelda daily at Sleeping Ugly)

Assassination Plots Abound

  • Three Islamofacists were arrested in the UK on "suspicion of terror" and threats to kill the Prime Minister.

    "...Although there was no firm plot, an extremist jihad website had called in January for Gordon Brown's death.

    The internet hosts many websites from groups and individuals claiming allegiance to al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.

    It routinely issues warnings and threats to political leaders in the UK and the US over the West's involvement in the Middle East.

    The three suspects, aged 21, 22 and 23, and from Blackburn, Lancashire, were all arrested on August 14 under the Terrorism Act 2006..." (source)

    (For reasons unknown, FNC has joined the ranks of MSM outlets that decide NOT to report when suspects are Muslim...)

  • Three racist Meth Heads were arrested on weapons and drug charges with plans to "shoot Obama from a high vantage point using a ... rifle ... sighted at 750 yards."

    A Denver reporter got this exclusive and articulate interview:

    "So your friends were saying threatening things about Obama?" Maass asked.

    "Yeah," Nathan Johnson replied.

    "It sounded like they didn't want him to be president?"

    "Yeah," Johnson said.

    "He don't belong in political office. Blacks don't belong in political office. He ought to be shot," Johnson told Maass.

    "Do you think they were really plotting to kill Obama?" Maass asked.

    "I don't want to say yes. I don't want to say no," he said. (source)
  • Best Obama Ad to Date...

    I was actually surfing around looking for the ad in which Obama bellyaches about the Iraqi's $79 billion dollar oil surplus. I think it's odd that the Left can go from screaming that the "War was for Oil" and "Blood for Oil" etc, blah, etc. and then CHANGE their entire song and dance to being pissed the Iraqis are now making money with their own oil and no one ever calls them on it... Unless, that's the whole premise behind the "CHANGE" campaign --not being able to be called out on blatant hypocrisy because you told everyone up front you were into "change"...

    Monday, August 25, 2008

    Joe Biden: The Anticlimax

    "I mean, you've got the first sort of mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy." -Joe Biden (about Barack Obama) Feb. 5, 2007

    He's run for president at least three times...and could never even come close to capturing the nomination let alone the Oval Office. He's been accused of plagiarism, racism, and bad hair-plugism.

    I can only assume Barack Hussein made this lackluster choice because of Biden's U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations experience and maybe because of his son's impending Iraq deployment? Whatever the reasons...*yawn*.

    I certainly hope McCain's pick offers a bit more controversy risk and edginess...


    I met someone this weekend that claims not to like Swedish Fish...

    Caption It...

    Friday, August 22, 2008

    It's Still Obama VS. Hillary

    The campaigns both claim new bonds of unity, but talk to any former Hillary supporter for 2.3 seconds and you know that's a crock... I'm sure seeing the latest Zogby/Reuters poll that Obama had not only squandered his 7 pt. lead over McCain, but was now 5 pts. behind didn't help instill the needed confidence in Barry...

    "A massive e-mail and Internet campaign is under way aimed at derailing the nomination of Barack Obama and making Hillary Clinton the party’s standard bearer next week at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

    “I think it’s divisive for the ‘Support Hillary’ campaign to continue at this time. She made the decision to fully support Mr. Obama,” said Lowery, who initially supported Clinton but later switched his allegiance to Obama. “I don’t know why they’re not taking their cue from Hillary and falling in line.”

    Lowery said he does not believe Clinton herself is behind the effort, but that it’s “her supporters, acting on their own because they’re proud of what they have done for her.” (source)

    But here in the City of Brotherly Love it goes a bit deeper. You see, as I have posted about many times...this is a HUGE union city. That means many, many people here have who they are supposed to vote for dictated to them --and they listen! It's not just the labor unions, but the police and fire unions, the nurses union, etc. etc. If Obama is the nominee they will have to finally think for themselves and go against their almighty unions for the first time and they're obviously very uncomfortable at that prospect. See, we've had race-based politics for YEARS here in Philly and have seen the folly of voting for an unqualified person based solely on the color of their skin. It doesn't work. Barry is NOT qualified to be President. Full stop. Hence (IMO) the lawsuit challenging Barack Hussein's ability to be the nominee:

    "A prominent Philadelphia attorney and Hillary Clinton supporter filed suit this afternoon in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania against Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee. The action seeks an injunction preventing the senator from continuing his candidacy and a court order enjoining the DNC from nominating him next week, all on grounds that Sen. Obama is constitutionally ineligible to run for and hold the office of President of the United States." (Read the whole story at Stop the ACLU)

    Left Coast Courts

    I wonder how many times over the past four years I have posted about some asinine decision by a California, Washington or Oregon court? Countless, I'm sure. Well, add another to countless...

    "The California Supreme Court made it easier Thursday for prison inmates to win parole despite a governor's objections, ruling that a woman who fatally shot and stabbed another woman with a potato peeler should remain free.

    The 4 to 3 ruling, written by Chief Justice Ronald M. George, could affect nearly 1,000 parole cases now on appeal. Lawyers on both sides said it was the first time in recent history that the state high court ruled in favor of a prisoner in a parole case." (source)

    A ruling blocking the consideration of the CRIME committed when contemplating about the lunatics running the asylum. If they don;t want to consider the actual crime committed by the potential parolee, maybe they should at least take stories like this into account:

    "A 22-year-old man was back behind bars about 12 hours after he was released from jail, accused of stealing a car and beer and leading police on a high-speed chase.

    Darren E. Roberts was released from the Sullivan County Jail Tuesday afternoon after competing his sentence for auto theft.

    But Indiana State Police say that early Wednesday morning, Roberts stole a 2004 red Ford Mustang in Linton, then drove to a gas station in Cloverdale where he allegedly stole some beer and fled.

    Police chased the red Mustang at speeds of up to 105 mph on Interstate 70, until the car spun out and Roberts surrendered." (source)

    Recidivism rates for released prisoners in the United States of America is 60%! (DoJ)

    Are Any of You in My 7% ?

    Your Personality is Somewhat Rare (ESFP)

    Your personality type is playful, charming, open minded, and energetic.

    Only about 7% of all people have your personality, including 9% of all women and 5% of all men

    You are Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving.

    Caption It...

    Thursday, August 21, 2008

    George Hussein Onyango Obama

    "The Italian edition of Vanity Fair said that it had found George Hussein Onyango Obama living in a hut in a ramshackle town of Huruma on the outskirts of Nairobi.

    Mr Obama, 26, the youngest of the presidential candidate's half-brothers, spoke for the first time about his life, which could not be more different than that of the Democratic contender.

    "No-one knows who I am," he told the magazine, before claiming: "I live here on less than a dollar a month."

    He has only met his famous older brother twice - once when he was just five and the last time in 2006 when Senator Obama was on a tour of East Africa and visited Nairobi.

    The Illinois senator mentions his brother in his autobiography, describing him in just one passing paragraph as a "beautiful boy with a rounded head".

    Of their second meeting, George Obama said: "It was very brief, we spoke for just a few minutes. It was like meeting a complete stranger." (source)

    Obama seems pretty set on using YOUR money for a "single payer health care system" and for a "world government" --yet isn't it interesting that he can't use any of the $4.2 million he made in 2007 to help a sibling that is living on less than a dollar a month?! (source)

    This honestly isn't feigned indignation...this makes me a little sick that Barry is trouncing around parroting the word "change" when he can't even spare some change for blood...

    Succinctly Dis Socialized Medicine...and Win $50

    ...or should I refer to it as code name: "single payer healthcare"

    John Hawkins of Right Wing News and The Conservative Grapevine is planning to hold a contest per week, for 4 weeks, designed to promote the best anti-socialized medicine posts in the blogosphere. It starts today and these are da rules:

    Bloggers write posts about socialized medicine. They can write them specifically for the contest or just because that's what they happen to want to write about today, but once they write the post, they'll send John an email letting him know that they want it entered in the contest.

    At the end of each of the four weeks, he will select the best articles from that week on socialized medicine, will rank them, and then will link all the top posts on Right Wing News. All submissions that rank will have the satisfaction of getting their work recognized and will get traffic from RWN -- but first place will also receive $50.

    The first contest begins on Thurs, Aug 21 and the winners will be announced on Aug 28th. So, write those posts about socialized medicine, email the links, and then tune in next Wednesday and link the winners!

    Caption It...

    Wednesday, August 20, 2008

    War Crimes Trial in California Civilian Court?

    "A former Marine sergeant facing the first federal civilian prosecution of a military member accused of a war crime says there is much more at stake than his claim of innocence on charges that he killed unarmed detainees in Fallujah, Iraq.

    In the view of Jose Luis Nazario Jr., U.S. troops may begin to question whether they will be prosecuted by civilians for doing what their military superiors taught them to do in battle.

    Nazario is the first military service member who has completed his duty to be brought to trial under a law that allows the government to prosecute defense contractors, military dependents and those no longer in the military who commit crimes outside the United States.

    "They train us, and they expect us to rely back on that training. Then when we use that training, they prosecute us for it?"
    Nazario said during an interview Saturday with The Associated Press.

    "I didn't do anything wrong. I don't think I should be the first tried like this," said Nazario, whose trial begins Tuesday in Riverside, east of Los Angeles.

    If Nazario, 28, is convicted of voluntary manslaughter, some predict damaging consequences on the battlefield.

    "This boils down to one thing in my mind: Are we going to allow civilian juries to Monday-morning-quarterback military decisions?" said Nazario's attorney, Kevin McDermott.

    Others say the law closes a loophole that allowed former military service members to slip beyond the reach of prosecution. Once they complete their terms, troops cannot be prosecuted in military court." (source)

    I wonder if this is the Left Coast's backup plan for shutting down recruiting stations. If they undermine the entire military institution by making Soldiers and Marines apprehensive about discharging their weapons when confronted with the enemy--then who it their right mind would join...?

    Photos of Frances Quinn [Edwards]

    "THE ENQUIRER tracked Rielle to St. Croix where our reporters discovered Rielle and the baby stayed in a luxurious oceanfront home owned by controversial trial lawyer Lee Rohn, another close friend of Edwards..." (source)

    The more that comes out about this, the sicker it gets. Rielle (Riley?) Hunter was badmouthing Elizabeth Edwards to reporters during the affair...saying she didn't seem like a nice person and that the 'truth about her would come out.' What a hobag.

    Why, oh why couldn't he have won the Democratic nomination...

    Tuesday, August 19, 2008

    Obama VS. McCain

    "Last weekend's McCain-Obama protodebate made it clear why Obama won't keep his promise to debate McCain "anywhere, anytime." McCain, with a robust resume and details at his fingertips, won big.
    ...After what happened at Lake Forest, Calif.'s evangelical Saddleback megachurch Saturday evening, we may have found that debating is Obama's Achilles' heel..." (source)

    It would seem that both candidates have decided on their Veep choices. Barack is rumored to let his pick be known as early as this Wednesday. And McCain will divulge on the 29th. Obama's got a great cyber-scam running right now: supporters can sign up to be the first to know the VP choice via email alerts and text messages. While you are signing up (via his website) to garner this exclusive knowledge, you are also agreeing to be sent all kinds of other campaign SPAM with no way of opting out.

    But, the most interesting Obama story of the weekend in my opinion...well, it was covered by Jay over at Stop the ACLU. I guess now that the MSM is finally talking about John Edwards love child, they can't also be expected to out their Chosen One's lies...

    Isn't it big news when a leading candidate for president of the U.S. admits that since 2003 he has been lying about a vote he once made? Even more to the point, isn't it big news when the candidate himself was on TV not long before that admission saying that everyone else is the liar? So, why is the media silent on the 180 degree about face that the Obama campaign has just made concerning Obama's BAIP vote? Go Read the story here (or HERE if you have trouble with the first link).

    And another Obama turn-around here in Philly's local media:

    "... According to U.S. Rep. Bob Brady, the local Democratic Party chairman, Sen. Barack Obama's general-election presidential campaign in Philadelphia will be run different from his primary operation, which relied more on volunteers than on Democratic ward leaders and did not provide street money on Election Day.

    "We're not going to pay for votes or pay for turnout," Obama said before the Pennsylvania primary.

    But Brady said that the campaign has promised street money to pump up turnout in November. And now that Obama is the official nominee, his campaign will team up with the city's Democratic ward leaders, who traditionally help get out votes..." (source)

    I'll translate for all you non-Philadelphians...this means that the campaign will be paying people $150 - $250 dollars to distribute literature. It also means the labor union bosses will be obliged to get their goons out knocking on doors and dragging driving people to polling centers. The only problem is all the Union sheep I know were counting on Hillary being the nominee...

    Baby Huey

    33 Weeks

    This is the latest photo of the person responsible for my lackluster blogging. :)
    I made a cheat sheet for those that have always been forced to nod and smile at ultrasounds and pretend they have any clue what they're looking at...

    Anyway, the bad news is this photo was taken last Thursday at 33 weeks gestation...and he's already measuring about 5 pounds. Technically I have seven weeks to go (though they induced me at 38 weeks with both of my other boys).

    This is when you have to ask yourself why a 5'2 Irish-Italian would marry a 6'4 German?! ;)

    Caption It...

    Saturday, August 16, 2008

    Which Olympic Sport Are You?

    You Are Wrestling

    You are a very physical person, and people underestimate your mind.

    You are always figuring out your next move, and you can make decisions quickly.

    Anyone who dares to step into the (figurative) ring with you should watch out!

    Friday, August 15, 2008

    47% Favor Government Mandated Political Balance

    "...Nearly half of Americans (47%) believe the government should require all radio and television stations to offer equal amounts of conservative and liberal political commentary, but they draw the line at imposing that same requirement on the Internet. Thirty-nine percent (39%) say leave radio and TV alone, too.

    At the same time, 71% say it is already possible for just about any political view to be heard in today’s media, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Twenty percent (20%) do not agree.

    Fifty-seven percent (57%) say the government should not require websites and blog sites that offer political commentary to present opposing viewpoints. But 31% believe the Internet sites should be forced to balance their commentary..." (source)

    Isn't it bizarre to live in one of the few (if not the only) country with almost complete freedom of speech and have 47% of its occupants be asking for that to change?

    Politics of the Olympics

    "...An Iranian swimmer who pulled out of an Olympic race with an Israeli athlete on Saturday will not be punished after International Olympic Committee official credited the Iranian's claim that he withdrew due to illness. Moments before the heats in the men's 100-meter breaststroke on Saturday, Mohammad Alirezaei backed out. He was to face a field that included Tom Be'eri of Israel. A spokeswoman for the IOC, Giselle Davies, initially said Mr. Alirezaei could be disqualified from the Olympics if he refused to participate because of the Israeli competitor, but she said Monday that the committee has accepted Mr. Alirezaei's claim that he was ill..." (source)

    I have never been one to watch summer Olympics. It's embarrassing really. Volleyball? Handball? Ping Pong? DOUBLES Ping Pong?!

    I Wanna Be A Spy...

    Julia Child was a spy. So was Stuart Copeland's dad (drummer for The Police)... How cool and unexpected is that?

    "...Famed chef Julia Child shared a secret with Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg and Chicago White Sox catcher Moe Berg at a time when the Nazis threatened the world.

    They served in an international spy ring managed by the Office of Strategic Services, an early version of the CIA created in World War II by President Franklin Roosevelt.

    The secret comes out Thursday — all of the names and previously classified files identifying nearly 24,000 spies who formed the first centralized intelligence effort by the United States. The National Archives, which this week released a list of the names found in the records, will make available for the first time all 750,000 pages identifying the vast spy network of military and civilian operatives..." (source)

    Years ago, The Man and I were watching one of her shows and it was clearly near the end. She was sauced -or seemingly so- and cooking with some expensive French wine. She proceeded to look into the camera and explain that this wine was so good, none of it could be wasted. She then proceeded (much to her guest's shock) to scape the entire label from the bottle and into her pot. It ruled. I wonder if it's on YouTube...

    Caption It...

    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    More Judicial Folly...

    "...A federal judge says the University of California can deny course credit to applicants from Christian high schools whose textbooks declare the Bible infallible and reject evolution.

    Rejecting claims of religious discrimination and stifling of free expression, U.S. District Judge James Otero of Los Angeles said UC's review committees cited legitimate reasons for rejecting the texts - not because they contained religious viewpoints, but because they omitted important topics in science and history and failed to teach critical thinking..." (Read the entire article)

    Wow. I would have been screwed. I went to a school Judge Otero would consider a paradox --a private college prep school that was also a Christian high school that declared the Bible infallible and rejected 'the "Big Bang" theory. What's sad to me is this guy is a federal judge and can't grasp the idea that even though Creationism is taught as what happened --the study of evolution (etc.) wasn't omitted. Personally, I would contend anyone that chooses to believe the reproductive, digestive and endocrine systems (not to mention the food chain) happened because of an explosion somewhere in space needs to re-examine their powers of critical thinking...

    Muslim Men are Perverts

    It's the only explanation.

    I have always believed that people pick their religious affiliation according to what crutch they need in their life. Problems with alcohol? Become a Baptist or Assemblies of God...a church that tells you 'no drinking.' Feeling a little wishy-washy about your faith and commitment to it? Become a Jehovah's Witness. If you're forbidden to read any other material you have less chance of vacillating. Etc., etc....

    Muslims? What can we assume the demons are of a religion that needs to cloak their women from head to toe? To stone them in the name of 'honor' even if they're raped? A religion that produced sects that would BAN CUCUMBERS BECAUSE OF THEIR SUGGESTIVE SHAPE?!

    "...Life under Al Qaeda was not only violent but also farcical.

    'They even killed female goats because their private parts were not covered and their tales were pointed upward,' Hayyes said.

    'They regarded the cucumber as male and tomato as female. Women were not allowed to buy cucumbers, only men.' (source)

    Cucumber envy? You know what *I'm* now thinking about Muslim men... Poor guys, no wonder they need big explosives...

    Caption It...

    (H/T: Courtney)

    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    The Rev's "October Surprise"?

    Reverend Jeremiah Wright has already contradicted Barack Obama and affirmed what all of us already knew...Barry knew all about the Rev's stand on racial issues and his radical politics.

    That didn't seem to hurt Barack Hussein in the polls too much, but I found this little bit of info fascinating:

    "New York Magazine has done a special issue this week on race and the US election. There’s lot of good stuff in the package but this line from John Heilemann’s cover story stood out to me:

    “In October, Obama’s former pastor, Wright, will publish a new book and hit the road to promote it”

    This is a huge problem for Obama. It means that the whole controversy over Wright’s racialist sermons and his friendship with Obama is going to be returning to the news agenda just as undecided voters begin to make up their minds.

    Wright’s performance at the National Press Club back in April showed that Wright revels in the national spotlight and doesn’t care if his performances hurt Obama. If the Obama campaign and mutual friends of the two men couldn’t rein Wright in then, they have little hope of doing so in October considering that following Wright’s National Press Club performance Obama said that Wright’s views ‘rightly offend all Americans, and should be denounced’." (source)

    I was thinking back and if I recall correctly, the last 'decent' October Surprise was Bush's drunk driving arrest --which was actually more of a November surprise. The attempts since then have been pretty lame (i.e. Charlie Rangle's Draft Scare when he was the one that had introduced the draft bill....)

    And speaking of Obama...according to Jay at Stop the ACLU, he got another ringing endorsement: The Communist Party wants Barack Hussein in 2008! What a shocker.

    Online Legalities

    This morning I noticed that John Hawkins has a great interview posted with Ron Coleman, a lawyer that has represented quite a few bloggers in court.

    He discusses some very poignant tings for all of us out there the most 'actionable' thing bloggers are doing:

    "But, if there is any single problem that seems to consistently be out there, it's copyright infringement regarding the use of photographs from news services."

    He also talks about how to avoid this, about online threats and slander, email and privacy issues. Read the whole thing.

    Then I noticed another article concerning online rights: FCC Commissioner: Return of Fairness Doctrine Could Control Web Content

    "...There’s a huge concern among conservative talk radio hosts that reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine would all-but destroy the industry due to equal time constraints. But speech limits might not stop at radio. They could even be extended to include the Internet and “government dictating content policy.”

    FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell raised that as a possibility after talking with bloggers at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. McDowell spoke about a recent FCC vote to bar Comcast from engaging in certain Internet practices – expanding the federal agency’s oversight of Internet networks..." (Read the entire article)

    This is an issue that will effect ALL of us -Bloggers, non-Bloggers, and lurkers alike...

    Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    Michael Moore's Advice to Barack Hussein

    From the new issue of Rolling Stone, How the Democrats Can Blow Six Easy Steps by Michael Moore:

    "For years now, nearly every poll has shown that the American people are right in sync with the platform of the Democratic Party. They are pro-environment, pro-women's rights and pro-choice. They don't like war. They want the minimum wage raised, and they want a single-payer universal health-care system. The American public agrees with the Republican Party on only one major issue: They support the death penalty..." (Read the entire 'article')

    I thought I'd do Mike a favor and be his editor for an hour or so, since Rolling Stone obvioulsy didn't afford him one...

    "They are pro-environment."

    A recent poll done by ABC News, Planet Green, Stanford University poll concluded that a majority of people find environmental issues only "somewhat important." And that more than half say that a Presidential candidate that is an environmentalist will have little effect on how they choose to vote. (source)

    pro-women's rights

    A CBS poll concerning the Women's Movement showed that most women think the movement itself has elevated their status, BUT that the word feminist had a negative connotation and less than 24% would use that label. (source)


    Ina July Quinnipiac University Poll, only 19% of participants believed that abortion should always be legal. In a June 2008 ABC News/Washington Post Poll only 35% believe that abortion should be Legal in Most Cases.

    Don't like war.

    Americans are "such pacifists" that in a July New York Times/CBS News Poll elucidated the cold, hard fact that "The Economy Trumps the War, by Far" (source)

    They want a single-payer universal health-care system.

    The majority of polls that I could find showed that Americans think they pay too much for healthcare. I agree, but that doesn't mean I support socialized means I think lawyers are out of control and need to be stopped. Polls also showed that 64% believe that "government should ensure healthcare for all", but that also doesn't mean they think the government should pay for it and (worse yet) run it. (source)

    ...I won't even get into the fact that this supercilious moron included "denouncing Michael Moore" as one of the six things that could cost Obama the election.

    Russia VS. Georgia: Blog Cliff Notes

    If like presidential candidate Barack Obama, you are unsure of what is going on between Russia and Georgia...there are some articles you (and Barry) can read to get up to speed.

    You can start with Bill T's article From Russia With Angst over at The Castle (thanks for the heads up on that AFSis).

    Then you can read some background information at the SFGate.

    Caption It...

    Monday, August 11, 2008

    Friday, August 08, 2008

    John Edwards Admits to Affair - Claims Wife was "In Remission"

    BUT, is still denying the "love child" is his. He also had the audacity to claim that his wife was in remission when he had the affair!?

    "Edwards told ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff he did have an affair with 44-year old Rielle Hunter, but said that he did not love her.

    Edwards also denied he was the father of Hunter's baby girl, Frances Quinn, although the one-time Democratic Presidential candidate said he has not taken a paternity test.

    Edwards said he knew he was not the father based on timing of the baby's birth on February 27, 2008. He said his affair ended too soon for him to have been the father." (Read the entire story)

    Considering the months of denial and MSM blackout (not to mention this man was running for President and being considered for VP), you'd think an admission would have brought on an onslaught of press...but alas there are only about 260 stories --and most of them are likely to be right-wing blogs...

    "Why Do You Want to be President?"

    A question posed to each Presidential hopeful --and one you would think they would be prepared for...

    This is how Barack Hussein responded to a 7 year old girl that asked the question:

    "...Appearing before a packed high school gym in Elkhart, Ind., the young girl asked Obama why he is running for the White House.

    "America is, is no longer, uh, what it could be, what it, it once was," Obama said haltingly. "And I say to myself, I don't want that future for my children."

    [Rush] Limbaugh suggested someone should ask Obama to name the period when, in his opinion, America was as it should be." (source)

    I am ordering this as soon as I am done this post:

    Order your NObama magnet.

    Guest Post by J.Marquis


    I thought the speech Obama made on energy today was great. Especially the way he exposed John McCain's unwillingness over the past 26 years to do anything about the problem.

    How in the world can McCain justify his continued support of
    tax breaks for Big Oil?

    Here's an excerpt from today's speech:

    What Senator McCain neglected to mention was that during those thirty years, he was in Washington for twenty-six of them. And in all that time, he did little to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. He voted against increased fuel efficiency standards and opposed legislation that included tax credits for more efficient cars. He voted against renewable sources of energy. Against clean biofuels. Against solar power. Against wind power. Against an energy bill that -- while far from perfect -- represented the largest investment in renewable sources of energy in the history of this country. So when Senator McCain talks about the failure of politicians in Washington to do anything about our energy crisis, it's important to remember that he's been a part of that failure. Now, after years of inaction, and in the face of public frustration over rising gas prices, the only energy proposal he's really promoting is more offshore drilling -- a position he recently adopted that has become the centerpiece of his plan, and one that will not make a real dent in current gas prices or meet the long-term challenge of energy independence.

    (You can read J.Marquis daily at Major Conflict)

    Drink Don't Drive

    There's a bar near my house advertising that "beer is now cheaper than gas" and telling people they should "drink not drive."

    In my area gas is now $3.73/gallon for regular. There are 8 pints in a gallon. Wouldn't that make a pint of beer around 46¢? I don't think they could even sell Busch that cheap... I wonder if they're counting on patrons that won't take a second to think about the advert. If I wasn't pregnant, I'd have to go in and demand my pints for 46¢. :)

    Caption It...

    Thursday, August 07, 2008

    Guest Post by Wyatt Earp

    Barack Obama: The Color Of Money

    Last week, presumptive Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama, tired of constantly addressing the real issues facing this country, decided to once again play the race card. Here is what he said about the McCain campaign on July 30th, while speaking in Missouri:

    "What they're going to try to do is make you scared of me," Obama said. "You know, he doesn't look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills."

    I agree with that statement. Barack Obama is not green, nor gray, and I have yet to see him in a powdered wig - although who knows what goes on when Barry and Michelle are getting intimate. They could be into the whole role-playing scene. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    Almost immediately after Gaffe-y Duck uttered that phrase, however, one of his flunkies denied that the comment was about the senator's race. To quote Dr. Evil (aka Dick Cheney), "Riiight!" However, we could be magnanimous and give The Obamessiah the benefit of the doubt, so let's take a simple test.

    Let's examine what the presidents on the dollar bills have in common with Obama: they're men, and they don't have facial hair

    Now, let's examine what the presidents on the dollar bills do not have in common with Barack Obama: they were white!

    Okay, pencils down. If you answered, "Obama is insane if he thinks we'll swallow that "not about race" tripe, go to the head of the class. I don't know why anyone would jump to the conclusion that Barry was talking about race. /Snark.

    Look, whether we like it or not, the Obama campaign and the MSM is dead-set upon making this election a referendum on race and race relations. They will try to use fear and guilt against you, and for a lot of voters it will work like a charm. I mean, who wants to be called a racist, a bigot, or a hate-monger? And make no mistake - that is exactly what you will be labeled - no matter what your race - if you do not vote for Barack Obama.

    Of course, this door only swings one way. I would like to push that door back from whence it came, so we can finally discuss the issues and end this race-baiting nonsense. So, with that, I offer this argument:

    If you're an African-American and you do not vote for John McCain, you are a racist.

    There, I said it.

    Barack Obama is a lot like The Joker in The Dark Knight. Sure, he has a lot of cards in his deck, but he always uses the same one. Frankly, it is getting tiresome.

    (You can read Wyatt daily at Support Your Local Gunfighter)

    Blame a Republican

    In 15 years when gas prices are $20/gallon we can blame Democrats like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi that "stick to their guns" about offshore drilling, more refineries and drilling in ANWR as the gas prices hover around $4 a gallon...but right now we need to blame the Republicans.

    From 2000-2006 we had a Republican President --and "oil man" no less. Republicans were in charge of the Senate AND the House. So what happened? Why didn't they do all the things THEN that they're proposing now that they're the minority?! Why didn't they open up ANWR then? Why didn't they approve offshore drilling and opening more refineries then? If these steps were taken years ago there would be relief in sight now...

    So yes, in the next ten years we can blame Barack for "solving the energy crisis" with gems like "Fill your tires with air", but for now I think we need to be fair and blame the GOP for their inaction.