Monday, July 14, 2008

Rolling Stone *Hearts* Obama

This is the current cover of Rolling Stone magazine (Complete with Flag Pin):

I actually called The Man from the store when I saw it and asked him to look up past covers to see if there were any that just had a picture with no other writing...there wasn't.

Not only does Obama get showcased in a way NO other politician, celebrity or rock star ever has...he was already on the cover this year: March 2008 Obama cover

Considering Rolling Stone is a MUSIC magazine, politicians really shouldn't be on the cover...but over the last 8 years there were 7 covers that featured a political person. Only ONE was a Republican-- May 2006 pictured a cartoon Bush in a dunce hat with the question: Worst President ever?. In 2004 there was Michael Moore, Howard Dean and John Kerry. And in 2000...of course there was an Al Gore cover. Five Dems (Obama twice in 6 months) and a cartoon Bush in a dunce hat... Since the Democrats are so keen on 'the Fairness Doctrine', maybe they can start with Rolling Stone...

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