Monday, July 14, 2008

Obama Supporters & Democrats...Please Provide Justifications Below:

There is more data against socialized medicine than there is against the idea of man-made global warming... yet the universal health care movement is almost as strong as the Go Green industry.

I guess if no other data (or testimonials from citizens of the UK and Canada) has shown them that government funded health care is a disaster waiting to happen --I assume this won't have an impact either:

The reality of socialized medicine:

"...More than 120,000 cancer victims die early every year after being denied drugs that could have extended their lives, leading doctors are warning.

A dossier to be submitted to the Government's review of drug funding identifies 136,000 British patients a year who could benefit from 10 cancer treatments which are commonly available across Western Europe, but rarely funded by the NHS. Estimates show that fewer than 5 per cent are receiving the drugs, with many of those who get them paying privately.

The report, Paying for Cancer Care, by the oncologist Prof Karol Sikora, says demand is such that ministers must change rules that penalise desperate patients who pay for the drugs..." (Read the entire piece)

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