Monday, July 07, 2008


There are three different 'No Obama' stickers available at

Unfortunately the PC world has started to infiltrate my subconscious... As I was deciding which sticker I liked best, I actually found myself thinking, 'I wonder if this will be perceived as racist' (I do live in Philly after all...) That's the flip side of a minority candidate. In the past if you didn't like a candidate it was acceptable to express that --but now you run the risk of being labeled "racist" or "chauvinist."

Truthfully I think using race or gender as a final deciding factor between EQUALLY QUALIFIED candidates is perfectly fine. I have had countless people tell me I would be voting for Obama if I were Black. Wrong. I am a woman and I wasn't voting Hillary (and I think a man of ANY color will be President before a woman will). If there were to equally qualified candidates and one was a woman --of course I'd vote for the woman. And two equally qualified were someone chose one just because he was Black would be perfectly understandable to me --it's when you are choosing someone who doesn't have the qualifications or experience JUST because he's Black (or she's a woman) that I have a problem...

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