Monday, July 28, 2008

The MSM Starting to Talk About Edwards' BabyGate?

No, I won't stop talking about this --and you should all know why. If this were McCain's baby-gate it would be front page AND above the fold of every dead-tree in the country (and beyond). But God forbid a Democrat's character be maligned on allegations...

Even though "rumors have been brewing for months in D.C.", the MSM has a seeming gag order on their reporters.

Newsbusters reported that Wikipedia "disallows any mention of the impending scandal". Tony Pierce, the editor of The Los Angeles Times, went so far as to order staff "not to cover the rumors or salacious speculations".(source) Mickey Kaus, a blogger for Slate magazine, leaked the memo. He noted: “This was a sensational scandal that the Los Angeles Times and other mainstream papers passionately did not want to uncover when Edwards was a formal candidate and now that the Enquirer seems to have done the job for them it looks like they want everyone to shut up while they fail to uncover it again.” (source)

It would be interesting to do a roundup on how many MSM papers (and I know the NYT would be among the list) ran stories that speculated about the relationship McCain had with a lobbyist. A relationship that those papers running the story admitted had no proof. Yet Edwards is caught trying to sneak from the hotel's service elevators in the basement and all of sudden politician's are innocent until proven guilty...? Once again a maddening double standard.

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