Friday, July 18, 2008

It Seems No One "Got It"

The New Yorker seems to have touched quite a few raw nerves...on both sides of the aisle. That's always a good thing in my opinion. They claim it was a satire pointed at 'right wing scare tactics', but that seems a bit suspect...I think a first year advertising student would know this would backfire. Most Americans wouldn't get "the joke" and the image will remain...

"Myrlie Evers-Williams, 75, the widow of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers, told an NAACP luncheon group Tuesday that political spin masters and the news media are painting the Obamas as unpatriotic and dangerous radicals. She said the attacks are serious enough to use the term lynching, even though that usually refers to racially-motivated killings.

"As I watch the political scene unfold, I realize there is more than one way to lynch someone," said Evers-Williams. "I look at the picture of the New Yorker and to me that was subtle, political lynching. You can call it satire if you want."

The New Yorker has said that the cartoon and a related article are meant to call attention to the use of scare tactics and misinformation to derail Obama's presidential campaign. The magazine's editors say the cartoon is a satire.

"The burning flag, the nationalist-radical and Islamic outfits, the fist-bump, the portrait on the wall ... echo one attack or another," the magazine's said in a prepared statement..." (source)

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