Monday, July 07, 2008

Cake or Death?

Do you remember the Flag Cake Contest that The Man won last year? It was hosted by Chick Chat Radio. It's basically for bragging rights (I wish he'd enter paying contests, but whatever...) and they are running it again this year. He intended to enter again and bought TONS of supplies to aid in his impending task. The grand plan was he would make a cake, take the pics and then take it to a big birthday party we were invited to on Saturday. He didn't get around to it all weekend (which was okay because the deadline is tonight) but then our friends told him they were relying on the cake he had said he was bringing. Hence the Hulk Cake below. He quickly made the cakes Saturday morning and I decorated them.

Yesterday he remembered he had promised our friends' daughter he would do her car stereo and speakers -which took him a good part of the day. He then informed me that he was going to bail from the contest because there was no time left. After at least $100+ spent on pans, fondant, dyes, melting chocolate, molds and various other supplies. I think not. I was already annoyed he had spent so much, so there was no way it was going to waste. I wish I would have had more than a few minutes to decide I was going to make the cake and come up with an idea...but C'Est la Vie right?

So this is what I came up with using the things he had purchased. It's actually four cakes: a blue ring and base, then a white and topped off with a red (which came out more pink than red). The cake is then iced with butter cream and covered in fondant (You get the shiny look on the fondant by brushing it lightly with water) and the stars on the blue field consist of 50, homemade, white chocolate lollipops. It is topped with a fondant yellow ribbon in honor of the men that secured our initial independence and in honor of those still volunteering to preserve that independence today...

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