Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ashamed of ALL War

Most pro-security Americans (like myself) feel confident that although war should be avoided if at all's often a necessary evil. It seems like simple common sense to strive for peace, but realize it's an ideal that would be virtually impossible to achieve in a non-Utopian world. Obviously war produces tragedy on mass levels --but often the alternative does as well. I assumed it was a universal sentiment to acknowledge the benefits of the Civil War, WWII and the Bosnian War among others. I assumed that putting an end to genocide and freeing people from slavery would be seen as worthy endeavors by even the looniest lefty... I was wrong.

The other day as I was driving a local, 'classic rock' station was on (93.3 WMMR) and John Cougar John Cougar Mellencamp John Cougarcamp John Mellencamp was being interviewed. I came in on the exchange just as he was saying that "we should be ashamed and against ALL war." That this shame "should include the Civil War, the Revolutionary War and WWII." He went on to impart his "playground philosophy" with the classic rock audience. "If kids can work something out without fighting on the playground, then there is no need for all goes back to the playground." I swear. That's what he said. He also said he wrote The Americans mocking how Americans want everything summed up nice and neat...

Well, what could we possibly expect from someone that named his sons "Hud" and "Speck."

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