Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Obama's Dishonest Ads

It's the MIDDLE OF JULY and I am already inundated in Obama for President ads... OMG, seriously, I don't think I can take this until November. To McCain's credit, I have only seen one or two for him (opposed to 3-5 a day for Barry) and those have been put out by the RNC.

Obama's 'giant enthusiasm lead' is shrinking by the day and barraging people in ads this early is not going to fix that... I know this goes against my Libertarian core, but for this we may need a law: no annoying political commercials until Set. 1st... ;)

This new 'Obama is tough on welfare recipients' is classic though...The ad is running in 18 states and it's based on a LIE and McCain has done nothing to dispute it...

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