Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Republican VS. Conservative

Michael Savage has this list in his site:

  • Republicans are for AIDS money to Africa. Conservatives are for aid to working American citizens.

  • Republicans are for letting the free market decide that $5 a gallon gas is OK. Conservatives are for compelling foreign oil producers to increase production and reduce prices, by force if necessary.

  • Republicans are for bailing out billionaire money manipulators on Wall Street while you wait in line at the hospital behind an illegal alien. Conservatives are for letting Wall Street hucksters pay for their own mistakes and sending the illegal back to Mexico.

  • Republicans are for letting market forces decide if your food has fecal matter in it. Conservatives are for enforcing basic food safety standards so that Mexican farm workers can't crap in the fields and make you sick.

  • Republicans think bringing in illegal aliens is an amnesty. Conservatives think brining in illegal aliens is a travesty.

  • Republicans want a strong global economy. Conservatives want a country. Republicans think that child porn on the internet is freedom from government. Conservatives know that smut is a poison that must be snuffed out.

  • Do you agree...and what would you add to the list?

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