Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Please Brag!

The little ninja and I spend most of our mother-son time watching the Food Network --we're addicted. Our favorite show is 'Throwdown with Bobby Flay'. Yesterday we learned about two regional sandwiches, which we had never heard of before, that look incredible!

The first was a Kentucky Hot Brown (and open-faced turkey sandwich with cheese sauce, bacon and tomatoes) Yum! The second was a Muffaletta. A sandwich from The Big Easy that is similar to the Italian Hoagie in meats and cheese, but topped with a delightful looking olive & olive oil salad.

So here's the thing, I was thinking that with access to all of you I shouldn't have to discover these little regional gems on the food network... When I am pregnant I am compelled to cook/bake and would love for all of you to tell me about foods that are native to your region that we may have never heard of...things like the Kentucky Hot Brown and the Muffaletta.

So please brag about your area specialties and share the artery-clogging love...

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