Monday, June 02, 2008

Obama's First Public Failure

"Barack Obama is still chewing Nicorette 18 months after he kicked the tobacco habit, his doctor revealed yesterday."

Do you see the contradiction here --if he's using Nicotine gum...he hasn't kicked the habit addiction. I smoked almost as long as Barack and quit with NO substitute...gum, jelly beans, carrot sticks... If *I* can quit --anyone can. I say that because I loved to smoke. The smell or taste never bothered me. Even now as a non-smoker it doesn't bother me. I can eat while someone is smoking and could care less. I can kiss a smoker and care less.

" Obama's reliance on the gum would appear to have extended well beyond the recommended maximum usage period, which is 12 weeks. Experts say it should be chewed continually for four to six weeks.

Obama has quit the cigarette habit, but relapsed several times.

It's unclear how frequently he uses nicotine gum, but he is known to keep some with him at all times..." (source)

I guess having quit with no substituting or relapsing, I am bound to judge him more harshly than most would. If he just said "I'm a smoker" I wouldn't be judging him at all, but if he really wants to quit and can't do it... that's another story. I think his first step would be realizing that smoking is an addiction and not a "habit" and that using Nicorette just prolongs it --like using methadone. Smoke or quit and enough with the in between bull. He can afford a one-on-one with Allen Carr...I had to settle for just reading the book.

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