Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sometimes I just get so tired of explaining things to stupid people. Especially when they won't listen. The DC rep to Congress wants to pass a law to let the stupid people know that it isn't illegal to take pictures in Union Station.

Why the HELL do we need to pass a law to affirm the legality of something? Why not just make a few posters to educate the stupid? Don't these people have to go to staff meetings? Can't you just have the supervisor pass the word that taking pictures is legal?

This makes me think of those who want to pass more gun control laws. Folks, criminals don't care that what they are doing is illegal, do you think passing another law to add to the 18 count indictment is going to change anything?

Is a guy going out to shoot someone going to think twice because the gun he has is illegal? Heck, it probably is already!

But won't double double secret detention make him cringe?

Watch this video for stupidity.

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