Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fun Activities!

...or maybe not. Maybe little favors for your hostess...? :)

First, a friend of mine is competing in an important photography competition. If she wins, she will get a gallery show in NYC! You can check out her profile here and vote (click on the last star to vote). All of her pictures rock (she shot me, The Man and Busta when I was pregnant with the little Ninja), but this is definitely my favorite...titled 'Tribute':

I believe the contest closes at 4pm if you should feel so moved --go vote for Monica!

Second, I wanted to alert anyone interested that any GUEST POSTS sent to me before Friday night would be greatly appreciated. I am going away from Saturday to Saturday (and there will most likely be no internet on this trip as our laptop decided to go gently into that dark night).

So instead of yelling at the TV, or burdening your friends and co-workers...write a guest post and send it to ME before Friday night...

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