Thursday, June 26, 2008

Every Vote Counts

If only.

Obama has so much money, now that he has flopped opted out of public financing, he's going to campaign in states he's sure to lose to draw voters to the polls for the "down-ticket." He may not be competitive in Texas, but there may be mayors, congressman and state office holders that will benefit from any excitement he can create in the state.

I live in Tennessee. We didn't even go blue in 2000 for savior of the world, AlGore. When I get e-mails and mailings from the state and local Republican party reps, I tend to ignore them. I shouldn't. Campaigning for McCain will help local and state office candidates even if I don't do anything directly for the local candidates.

I need to go vote in November, even if my vote won't do anything because McCain is sure to win this state anyway. Why? Well, besides the down-ticket elections, I don't want one of those "won the electoral vote but lost the popular vote" elections.

Every vote counts. Even if all you do is cancel out your next-door neighbors ignorant vote, at least you have done something.

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