Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Death to the Non-Green

According to a post over at 'Climate Skeptic', a major media outlet in Australia (Australia broadcasting Company -ABC) has an 'environmental game' for kids on their website called Planet Slayer.

"In this game, kids answer lifestyle questions and the program tells them when they should die because they have used up their "fair share" of the world's resources. The less politically correct kids are, or the wealthier they are, the sooner they are told they should die. Accepting the default, average choices in the games tells kids they should die when they are 9 years old." (Read the whole story)

Here are my results:

"Based on the emissions from your greenhouse usage, you used up your share of the planet by the time you were 23.3 years old.
Try answering the questions differently to see how changing your lifestyle will effect your life sustainability."

One of the hardest thing as a parent the last few years has been to counter all this enviro-scare with facts to my boys. It's been a challenge to teach them about conservation minus the man-made Al-pocrisy crap...

This as Congress debates the (Warner-Lieberman) "Climate Change" bill that "would impose roughly $6 trillion of new costs on the American economy." See what Senators are saying about the bill.

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