Saturday, June 21, 2008

Best Of BS

Since it's been hard for me to post lately (at first I was getting 'night sickness' and since that's passed I've been getting swollen feet around the time I would be writing posts) my friends and family have been questioning why I am still writing for the blog four years after its inception. I've been thinking a lot about that. Why.

Being 100% honest, the main reason is any time I have seriously contemplated the blog's demise I get an email within a day or two from a Soldier or Marine in Iraq or Afghanistan thanking me for what I'm doing. For what I'M DOING!? What the hell am *I* doing --thank you for what all of YOU are doing! Anyway, if reading this site on their FOB helps then in even the tiniest way to get through the hell that is their could I ever stop?

NO, there's no money in it...but there's been lots of cool perks:

-I guess first would have to be appearing on FNC.
-Getting two emails from John Bolton.
-Getting an email from Aaron Brown.
-Meeting Big & Mean, PunkRock Mommy, Desultory Butterfly, Mr. Nimbus, Pax Romano, She Who Will Be Obeyed, CW4BillT, Army Girl, Russ from Winterset (and his lovely wife Janis), Dan Rubin, Courtney, CBFTW (Colby Buzzell), kali, Zelda & Jethro!
-Being asked to be on a Blogger's panel for The Philadelphia Inquirer and Temple University journalism students.
-Getting to know some of the A-list Bloggers like John Hawkins (RWN), Jeff Goldstein (Protein Wisdom) and Matthew Sheffield (Newsbusters) and Pat Dollard.
-Being asked to write the introduction for a book.
-Being featured in quite a few Philly publications.

And being forced to be abreast of what's going on in the world --even in times when it would be easier to slip into calming apathy.

While I'm away this week I have set up a Howard Stern-esque inspired line up of "Best of..." posts. The Best of BS. Yes, I get the double entendre...

And speaking of 'old posts' --so many bloggers mentioned in my One Year Blogiversary post are no longer around the Blogosphere...

Have a great week all. I'll have some Hush Puppies for ya :)

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